LF218 - BUNNY BEATDOWN REVENGE - featuring Bunny vs Absynthe

34 Minutes of one sided beatdown grappling match with camel clutches, back breakers, hair pulling and a humiliating one sided beatdown like none other.

Cute as a button, Bunny wants to play on the mats and figures she should start with the smallest opponent around.. who else but everyone's favourite jobber girl, Absynthe? Unfortunately, and as always, Bunny overestimated her abilities and is soon sent to the hurt locker as her equally petite opponent finds an opportunity to inflict pain and suffering to someone else, instead of being the jobber girl, she's looking to make Bunny suffer the same fate.. but at her hands!

The worse thing to do around here is not taking a match seriously. Bunny thought her 'almost' smaller opponent would be a cake walk but she didn't take Absynthe's experience on the mats as a factor, so when Bunny walks to Absynthe and jokingly gives her a light slap on the face, she's taken completely by surprise at Absynthe's speed and ferocity and Bunny finds herself on the wrong end of a beatdown! Absynthe doesn't waste any time going after Bunny's hair and breasts, trapping her opponent between her powerful legs, trying to crush the wind of her. Bunny tries to defend herself but she's out classed from the start and losing badly as Absynthe, the recipient of so many beatdowns of her own, gets to dish it out for once and she's enjoying every moment of it. She's going to make an example out of Bunny, one punch, one hair pull and one breast maul at a time. But not without Bunny getting a couple of licks in herself. But she can't match Absynthe's ferocity on the mats and suffers one hair pull and brutal kick to the abs after another.. Absynthe is not being gentle with any part of Bunny as she goes after her breasts and hair.


Once Absynthe has Bunny weakened and dazed, she hoists her topless opponent up onto her back, wearing Bunny like a back pack, stretching her abs and shoulders in this painful hold. Poor Bunny can't do anything but hang on for the ride as her back is tortured in this hold, being carried around like so much dead weight for a good length of time. Once dropped to the mats, Bunny is subjected to punches and stomps to the belly and chest.. painful but not as bad as the swift kick into the crotch. Absynthe isn't done though, she sits on Bunny's back and goes on for a while ripping away and torturing Bunny's feet, going after the soles of her feet and pulling her toes apart.. Screaming and howling, there's nothing Bunny can do as Absynthe stomps on Bunny's feet, trying to cripple her.


After getting away from Absynthe and catching her breath, Bunny shows up on camera again and wants to show us something.. Absynthe, with her arms tied behind her back.. helpless and in oh so much trouble as now it's Bunny's turn to dish out some revenge. And Bunny has a mean streak on her as well. She crushes Absynthe between her thighs, belly punches her helpless victim and attacks Absynthe's delicious breasts. All Absynthe can do is hope that she might get her arms free and kick the shit out of Bunny for its too late.. but it's too late for Absynthe as she's not going anywhere until Bunny is done with her.. and that won't be for a while as the blonde girl continues her vicious attacks on poor helpless and defenseless Absynthe..

Great fast paced action, sexy back breakers, camel clutches and hair pulling.. and more!

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