LF217 - AIDEN RAMPAGE - featuring Aiden vs Bobbie Blush

32 Minutes of rampaging one sided beatdown featuring sleeper holds, scissors, belly punches and more KO's.

Aiden is extremely upset that upstart Bobbie Blush made disparaging comments about her during Bobbie's interview and she wants to set the record straight. And what better way than a brutal one sided beatdown as Aiden rampages all over cuddly Bobbie Blush..

Aiden charges in on Bobbie's interview after hearing remarks being made about her and she's not happy. Bobbie made mention about Aiden's earlier match against Velvet Hammer where Aiden lost in a big way.. and that triggered Aiden's rampage and she's going to pay the price for it as Aiden's anger tips over the edge, and Bobbie is taken down to the mats. Aiden uses her long slender legs to crush Bobbie's neck and chest, leaving Bobbie unable to defend herself, sobbing and weeping at the suddenness of Aiden's attack. Dragging Bobbie off the mat by the hair, Aiden slaps the first of many sleeper holds on her crying victim, dropping her like a wet rag doll. As soon as Bobbie regains her senses, she's wrapped up in a double arm choke and once again, helpless Bobbie is dropped to the mats like yesterday's garbage. Aiden doesn't wait for Bobbie to regain her senses this time as she pulls her opponent off the floor by the hair and yet again, another sleeper hold. But fearing the worse, Bobbie goes for the hair but this only infuriates Aiden who traps Bobbie's arm before applying yet another sleep hold on Bobbie.


Once Bobbie regains her senses, Aiden puts Bobbie across her back, stretching the raven haired girl's back. Sobbing and crying to be put down, Bobbie is once again dropped to the mats and then picked up for another round of back stretching. As Aiden goes for a third round of breaking Bobbie's back, she's caught by surprise as Bobbie fights back and now it's her turn to put the thighs across Aiden's chest, crushing the air out of her, dropping a few fists into Aiden's belly.. but the enraged Aiden fights back and this time she's really pissed! Aiden breaks free by going after Bobbie's feet and gets the advantage by dropping a few big bombs into Bobbie's belly that leaves her sobbing on the mats.

Aiden wants to hear Bobbie scream and to do so, Aiden applies a standing figure 4 leg lock that sends her victim into a sobbing scream as punches rain down on her belly while trapped in this brutal hold. Aiden goes for the belly as she rains one punch after another into Bobbie's belly. Weakened and brutalized, Bobbie is stretched out in a bow and arrow, sending her screaming in pain. Sobbing and crying, poor Bobbie is put into one choke hold after another, unable to defend herself, Bobbie is made to suffer until the final end of the match.



As an added bonus, included is a 2 minute blooper scene at the end of the fight video..

Non-stop action, sleeper holds, crying and brutal beatdown fight.

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