LF214 - JUSTICE SERVED - featuring Selene vs Ema

40 Minutes of brutal and vicious one real action sided full contact belly punching punishment beatdown to settle a score.

Something happened between the girls BUT they won't tell us what it is. Suffice to say that Ema, unable to pay restitution nor wanting to face legal action, has agreed to submit to Selene's alternative means of punishment. To get satisfaction from Ema's transgression, Selene wants to belly punch Ema for real, bare fisted, for the duration of a video. No fighting back, no backing down, no whining. Its all brutal and vicious belly punching beatdown or face the consequences. Ema, with her concrete abs, figures that she's able to endure this brutal punishment, more or less.. at least better than she could facing the alternate consequences. Selene starts off with hard punches but soon realizes that Ema's abs are indeed tough. But slowly but surely, with frustration setting in, Selene increases the intensity and frequency of her strong arm punching, causing Ema great discomfort and pain but at times dropping the tough gal to her knees with a well placed shot to the guts. No punches pulled, Selene swings with all her might trying to bring Ema down several notches but after a while this becomes a contest of wills where Ema is able to withstand Selene's punches better than she thought she could, and Selene's desire to drop Ema once and for all. After a prolonged one sided belly punching session, Ema can't take anymore and is dazed and confused, just where Selene wants her victim, and hammers away at Ema's battered and weakened belly with telling effects. When this brutal beatdown is done, all matters and all scores are settled by previous agreement. Selene felt satisfied to get her pound of flesh from Ema, and the broken girl with the abs of concrete walks away, having paid her penalty.

They wouldn't tell me what the story is behind this ordeal but the agreement is that Ema has to take what ever belly punches and torture Selene dishes out for more than 30 minutes in order to settle the score. Selene, powerful arms and all, honestly believes she will be able to destroy Ema in short order. She knows Ema has the abs of steel, but that only means she'll be able to hammer away at Ema's abs much longer thereby enjoying herself that much longer. The plot is simple in this match, Selene is to hammer away at Ema's belly for as long as she wants, and Ema has no choice but to take each and every punch as it comes. Selene tosses Ema down to the mat so she can punch down into Ema's belly, pounding away at her belly button and lower belly. Ema, knowing she has to ensure this punishment, puts up a good front, courageously taking each hit as they crash down on her rock hard abs. Selene tries to dig her fists in deep but her fists bounce back against Ema's armour plated abs. Ema covers her mouth to keep from letting out her painful oomphs and moans. But Selene really wants to hear Ema suffer and tosses her victim's hands away as she continues to hammer down hard into Ema's belly.


Selene grabs Ema by the hair and roughly pulls her up against the wall and hammers away at Ema's sore belly. Strong as she is, Selene jams fists after first deep into Ema's sore belly, trying to get Ema to drop to her knees. You have to give props to Ema for her fitness training, working out so hard on her abs allows her to survive Selene's assault on her abs.. but for how long?

Over and over and over again, Selene drops one hammer bomb fist into Ema's weakening belly, trying hard to get Ema to cry out in pain, but the short haired fighter stoically remains as silent as she can to deny her attacker the pleasures of knowing how much this brutal beatdown hurts. Selene, however, gets a little annoyed and you can see the determination mount as she slams her fists in deeper and harder into Ema's belly with more telling effect. Ema's belly is so hard that Selene soon finds her fists tiring and has to resort to hammer blows, bringing her fists down like heavy hammers into Ema's sore belly.. but still, Ema won't wail out in pain, denying Selene that one pleasure.


Even bent across Selene's knee, belly up and vulnerable, Ema tries hard not cry out in pain as the long haired Selene crashes elbows, fists, hammer blows down across Ema's battered belly.. Once shot after another, over and over, no rest or breather for poor Ema as she's brutally beaten down.


Pulling Ema's shorts down lower to gain cleaner access to the tender sweet spot, down low low below the belly button, Selene crashes her sharp fists deep into Ema's lower guts with telling effects. Ema, now showing signs of weakening but still defiantly holding out against Selene's attacks, is barely able to withhold her cries of pain and suffering. Once again across Selene's knee and then pinned to the floor, Ema's belly is systematically destroyed, bit by bit, layer by layer as Selene exacts her retribution out on Ema's battered and soon destroyed belly.


Driving her knees deep into Ema's battered abs, driving her fists deep into Ema's belly, Selene is enjoying her work as she pays Ema back for the transgressions  that brought us to this point. Poor Ema, dazed, confused and unable to push Selene away for a respite is belly punched over and over again and again. Selene face sits Ema and continues to hammer away at the poor girl's abused belly until there is no more reaction from Ema.. the end is here, Ema is soundly beaten.. Only her freakishly strong abs allowed Ema to survive this 40 minute real action belly punching beatdown.

Belly punching fans will appreciate this no nonsense vicious belly punching video. No dubbed in "hollywood punching sounds" to mask over the real sounds and real hits as the beautiful Selene destroys Ema's rock hard abs.

After this video was shot, the matter was put to rest and nothing more was ever said of what ever the hell happened that brought this event to a head..

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