LF212 - I SPY TROUBLE - featuring Selene vs Ema (Custom Video)

50 Minutes of delicious beatdown featuring a variety of leg holds, back breakers, punches and stomp, breast mauling, cheap shots and hair pulling before the victim is carried away.

Its Spy vs Spy as Selene faces off against Ema in this beatdown fight. As Selene finds the secret documents, she's stopped by a masked Spy.. Unknown to Selene, it's her best friend Ema who had only been faking their friendship to get inside information on Selene's spy network. A quick scuffle gives Selene the advantage over Ema allowing Selene to remove the mask, and discovering who the spy really is. Letting her guard down, Selene is caught by a cheap shot punch to the crotch that signals the beginning of the long end of her beat down destruction as the vicious and sadistically brutal Ema puts her adversary into impossible holds, bending her, stretching her, yanking her hair and hammering, stomping and mauling the hell out of poor Selene once Ema rips her top off. Try as she may, Selene simply can't defend herself from Ema's attacks and is soon writhing on the floor, her back damaged, her legs battered, her belly bruised, her breasts mauled. In the end, Ema puts her victim out with a tight reverse neck lock, and carries her reclaimed secret documents.. and her new prize away to her evil spy lair..

Selene is seen rummaging through boxes looking for something special and as soon as she finds the secret documents, a masked spy enters the room, challenging Selene for the documents. Getting into each other's face, they lunge at one another where the masked spy gets Selene in a tight head lock, wrenching her neck from side to side. Quick thinking Selene stomps on the masked' spy's feet to disengage and goes on the attack, taking her opponent to the mat and stretching her out in a leg muffler hold, pulling her adversary's body taut. Swinging her victim around into a body scissors, Selene yanks on her hair to bend her foe back, stretching her belly for punches to her exposed belly. Flipping her victim over, Selene traps her victim in a brutal modified sharp-shooter, putting pressure on the knees and lower back of her victim before yanking her up to her knees for a crushing bear hug. But it's after a double neck karate-chop to her opponent's neck that she rip off her adversary's mask only to discover it's her long time best friend EMA! Shocked and surprised, Selene is told that their friendship was nothing but a sham in order to allow Ema to discover all of Selene's secrets, and to add insult to injury, Ema viciously drills Selene square in the crotch with a cheap shot punch that doubles poor Selene over and down to the mat.


Proud of her double-faced antics towards Selene, Ema goes on the attack and wants to do nothing more than to totally destroy her gullible friend. Jamming Selene up against the wall by the hair, Ema hoists the surprised girl up and across her shoulders in a brutal cross shoulder back breaker, bouncing her victim until you can almost hear he spine crack before dumping Selene to the mats. To get better access to the goods, Ema violently rips Selene's white top off, then setting Selene up for a viciously brutal camel clutch where she can leisurely take her time to torture her helpless victim by yanking on her hair, pulling on her nose and fish hooking her mouth.

Poor Selene is writhing in pain but Ema doesn't waste time in wanting to humiliate her victim. Catching Selene in a body scissors, Ema rips Selene's bra off, exposing her beautiful breasts, swings Selene into the camel clutch again so that she may torture her helpless opponent again.. Shoving Selene bra in her own mouth, Ema mauls poor Selene's breasts, pulling on her hair and humiliating the poor girl.


One brutally punishing hold after another, Ema throws Selene back and forth until the poor girl doesn't know if she is coming or going. Stretching her body to the breaking point, Ema stomps on Selene damaged back, causing the poor girl to arch and writhe in horrible pain before Ema picks her up again for the next round of torture. Concentrating on Selene's back, legs and breasts, Ema wants to make sure the girl is going to remember this day... the day she was duped and beaten down.


Ema, always the vicious bitch she's been all these years, enjoys her work a little too much as she stretches and bends her victim to impossible angles, pulling on her arms or hair to achieve that result. Face sitting her victim, Ema is able to humiliate Selene even more, driving her fists deep into Selene's belly and mauling her breasts in the process. Selene, desperate to escape, is too weak to even get an inch away from her sadistic attacker. But it's when Ema traps Selene in the dreaded pretzel hold that Selene realizes how desperate her situation really is as Ema stomps her breasts and crunches down even harder on the hold. Feeling it's time to bring this beatdown to an end, Ema roughly puts Selene in a reverse headlock on the weakened Selene, arching her back, crushing her neck, the poor helpless girl's eyes roll to the back of her head, signaling with her white flags of surrender that she's completely finished.


Content with her total domination over her long time secretive rival, Ema can't help but to place Selene in a compromising position to do some victory posing over her squashed victim. Picking up the secret documents, Ema makes good on her to earlier promise to Selene that she would be leaving with the documents AND the girl. Stuffing the envelop into Selene's underpants, Ema hoists her victim up and over she shoulder, and with a loud slap to the ass, Ema makes good her escape with both prizes in hand.

Hair Pulling fans will love this viciously sadistic video. All the hair you see on the mats throughout the video came from the girls' heads.. Most of it is dark, denoting who lost the match in the end. This is a hair video you'll not want to miss!

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