LF211 - THE BEST HAIR - featuring Selene vs Pixie (Custom Video)

43 Minutes of non-stop jealousy driven hair fight that results in a humiliating finish for the new girl

Sexy Selene's boyfriend Steve loves her beautiful thick hair, so she's sending him a special video to keep him happy while he's away on business. While in the middle of her private video, Pixie walks in and is immediately not impressed with the brunette's intentions. Jealousy sets in that Steve would actually prefer Selene's dark hair to Pixie's fiery red hair, the little red head goes on the attack to show Steve how wrong he is, at Selene's expense. Ripping hair from the roots, yanking and pulling, the two hell cats tear into each other's hair but even though Selene manages to dominate Pixie for a smaller portion of this video, the writing is on the wall that Selene will suffer the brunt of Pixie's jealous rage. With tons of hair on the floor, poor Selene is humiliated in front of Steve and is made to acknowledge Pixie's dominance and that she has the best hair!


To keep her man Steve happy, Selene makes him videos which she sends off to him.. But Pixie isn't impressed that Selene actually thinks her hair is better than anyone else's hair. Grabbing a hold of Selene's hair, Pixie yanks the pretty girl down to the mats and starts a long and painful ripping out of her hair to show Steve the errors of his ways in preferring a brunette over a red head. Catching Selene in various holds, Pixie grabs the hair brush and proceeds to brush out Selene's hair.. roughly! Try as she may, poor Selene is so overwhelmed by Pixie's jealous rage, she can barely fight back..

But it's when Pixie continues with her monologue to Steve as to how much better her red hair is to Selene's dark hair, that Selene finds the opening she needs to turn the tables on Pixie.. the opening between Pixie's knees and drives an arm up to cheap shot the little red head, sending her crashing down to the mats in a heap of pain. Now we get to see the dark side of Selene as she pins down her opponent and puts the brush to the red head's hair, ripping strands out by the roots in a rough and sadistic manner.


Tossed in various holds herself, Pixie's hair is roughly handled, yanked and sharply pulled as payback for the brutal treatment she herself have to Selene earlier. But it doesn't take long before Selene makes a mistake and Pixie soon finds herself on top and ready to really show Selene a thing or two about hair pulling. Yanking away at the brunette's hair, Pixie questions Steve if he would like to receive a few locks of Selene's hair in a paper bag or in a box as she plucks one strand at a time from the brunette's scalp. Struggling to escape, poor helpless Selene can't manage to break free as her more experienced adversary knows all the tricks in holding down an unskilled opponent.


At this point, Pixie knows she has full control of her opponent and now takes pleasures in humiliating Selene by running her dirty toes and feet through the brunette's hair, hooking the hair with her toes and yanking her hair..


In the end, Pixie simply wants Selene to acknowledge who has the better hair but she also wants Selene to tell Steve directly! Poor Selene, all she wanted to do was make a fun video for her man, Steve, but instead Pixie will make sure Steve gets a video he will never forget.. Humiliated, defeated and stunned, Selene is near tears as she watches Pixie collecting the loose hair on the mats to send off to Steve..

Hair Pulling fans will love this viciously sadistic video. All the hair you see on the mats throughout the video came from the girls' heads.. Most of it is dark, denoting who lost the match in the end. This is a hair video you'll not want to miss!

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