lf199 - DEFEATED DEFIANCE - featuring Trish vs Pixie

39 Minutes of intense non-scripted competitive match, vicious scissors, hair pulling and mayhem

Trish didn't take her last beatdown well against Maia. Though her opponent was taller, Trish honestly felt she could take on anyone and she set her sights on none other that the little pit bull in red hair, Pixie. Cautioned that Pixie isn't to be taken lightly, trish felt that their equal 5'0" height and 115 lbs weight would make this fight more in her favour than it was with Maia. We all know Pixie never backs down from any challenge so when Trish requested a full all out non-scripted match, Pixie was more than happy to help the defiant little girl fulfill her dreams, even if the outcome won't be what she expected. Right away, Pixie's skills are readily apparent over Trish's lack of skills but the girl from down south isn't backing down and gives it her all in her attempt to climb the ladder to the top around here. Her only obstacle is Pixie..

Trish was a little embarrassed when she lost her scripted match again Maia in LF193. She honest felt she's the toughest girl around, regardless of her lack of height, she makes up for it with brutal determination and a high pain threshold. She desperately wanted to make a name for herself on the mats so she booked a flight north and requested a non-scripted match with Pixie, submissions, no strikes to determine which of these two pint size girls is the toughest. Pixie, more than happy to show Trish how foolish she is, agrees to the terms and the match is set and the girls square off. Don't let their petite size fool you, these two girls can scrap and they quickly lunge at each other trying to establish dominance over the other. Pixie's ability to get her legs around her opponents and apply crushing force comes to the forefront as she gets Trish locked up early in the match. The new girl, managing to bear through the vise like scissors, goes for Pixie's fiery red hair, pulling as hard as she can, trying to control her opponent via her hair. But this tactic works both ways as Pixie easily manages to grab thick wads of Trish's luscious hair in her fists and starts to return the favour, pulling and yanking on Trish's hair.


Back and forth they go, vying for a favourable position in order to put their opponent at the disadvantage to apply enough punishment to get a submission from her opponent. If the hair pulling doesn't do it, then perhaps grabbing and mauling at her opponent's tender breasts might. As painful as it may be, neither girl is willing to give up ground to the other and they battle on through this brutal war but eventually, and reluctantly, one of them has to submit or risk a cracked rib. (no, you'll have to see the video to figure out who submits to whom, sorry).

Early in the match, it's easy to see that Pixie has most of the advantage in this match, keeping trish at bay with her powerful short legs, but the thick haired girl from the south fights back and gets Pixie into painful positions of her own, taking every opportunity to yank on her red hair and mauling her breasts. Eventually, Trish manages to get Pixie trapped between her thighs and is able to give Pixie a good session of crushing scissors. Pixie, the veteran of several comp fights, doesn't give up easily and manages to turn the tables on her opponent, trash talking her down, and she brutally attacks Trish's hair and breasts.

There is so much hair on the floor from the vicious hair pulling inflicted by both girls, you wonder if they'll have any hair on their heads by the end of this action packed match. Trapping Trish in a neck triangle with her legs, Pixie applies pressure trying to get her opponent to submit, but her adversary won't give it up easily, she fight back for all she's worth, desperate not to be beaten down through this match. Every time Trish gets the advantage over Pixie, she has to fight for all she's worth just to stay on top but this doesn't last long before Pixie is able to get the tables turned on her opponent. Even when Trish gets Pixie smothered into her breasts, she can't keep the red head down and then gets caught in a vicious scissors and is forced to submit.


But it's towards the end where Trish finds out how severely outclassed she is when Pixie manages to get on her back and apply a sleeper hold on Trish. Though the rules specify no knock out chokes, Pixie isn't trying to KO her opponent but to put the fear into her. Nothing ruins your day more than knowing you're trapped with no where to go. Nothing Trish can do to break out of this hold and has to give her submission to Pixie for this round. When they lock up again, Trish realizes how much she's underestimated Pixie throughout this match and goes for the kill but Pixie quickly goes on the offensive and gets a viciously brutal neck triangle on Trish again, and this time uses Trish's body against herself to help Pixie apply even more crushing pressure on poor Trish's neck until it's too late and she has to finally submit to her superior adversary, Pixie. Having dominated her lesser opponent, Trish, and visibly pissed that this upstart girl from the south 'dared' to challenge Pixie, now wants Trish to kiss Pixie's feet as a final humiliation to her defeat.

Totally non-scripted, set rules competitive fight action between two highly spirited and vicious young ladies, this match will surely be appreciated by all who love watching two capable ladies put it on the line for final glory.

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