LF198 - HUMAN PUNCHING BAG - featuring Jill vs Ema

39 Minutes of brutal and vicious one sided belly destruction beatdown...

Jill is one of our smallest fighter girls, only 5'2" and barely 95 lbs of feminine fury! Of all the girls here, Jill is the one most of the other girls don't want to tangle with as she packs one hell of a wallop in her punches as many have discovered in the past. And she has a vengeful temper. It doesn't matter what Ema did, but Jill has the masked fighter girl hoisted up by the wrists and she's going to use her opponent as a human punching bag, and Jill isn't going to go lightly on her adversary for this match. It's all about how much damage and punishment she can inflict onto Ema before the masked girl submit. However, defiant Ema refuses to submit to her much smaller opponent and she takes on hell of a beating while trussed up, even suffered a rather painful and humiliating wedgie while being belly punched. Dropped to the mats with her hands bound behind her back, Ema is brutally and mercilessly beaten down by her sadistic attacker, Jill. Knees, fist and feet slam into Ema's battered belly but she doesn't give up. Jill pushes Ema to the breaking point.. Will the Masked Ema submit to her opponent?

Jill knows she's the smallest fighter girl here, and she knows the other girls have no respect for her, but they do respect her strength and raw hitting power. So when the time came to put Ema in her place, Jill couldn't resist but to do it up in a special way. Jill loves to punch so she had Ema hoisted up by the wrists, suspended from the ceiling and offered up as a human punching bag for this video. Any other girl, helplessly trapped in such an impossible situation would have immidiately submitted, knowing how sadistic Jill can be with her powerful punches. But not Ema. She bows to no one, especially anyone smaller than herself. But this is something she is soon to regret as Jill starts to work on Ema's belly right away with powerful punches and knees to the belly, sending her opponent swinging from the rope.. With the wind knocked outof her, Ema sways from the rope, dangling dazed and confused. Jill sets Ema up for a vicious knee to the crotch, drilling poor Ema where it hurts the most. Still defiant, Ema won't give up, she's got powerful abs and feels she can weather the storm but Jill brings a hurrican of belly punches like Ema has never faced before.


One punch after brutal punch, Jill drills Ema's battered belly until its raw. Punches landing with sickening thudding noises, indicating how powerful Jill's tiny fists are. Yanking on Ema's hair, stretching her belly out and slamming fist after fist into Ema's cruelly exposed belly, punch after painful punch. But yet Ema defiantly refuses to submit to Jill's hellacious attacks.

And if thos punches were not severe enough, Jill wants to embarrass and humiliate her opponent while hammering at her vulnerable belly. Using the dangling length of the rope, Jill threads it through Ema's boy-shorts and pulls up to inflict one hell of a vicious wedgie on Ema. The more Jill pulls on the rope, the tighter the wedgie which brings a wincing Ema up onto her tippy toes, trying to get away from the searing pain of the wedgie. As Ema tries to deal with this pain, Jill slams fist after fist into Ema's battered belly, and every time Ema slumps from the brutal attacks, it only increases the pain from the wedgie as the rope gets tighter. What an impossible predicament, and no where to hide. Ema's assets hang out from the wedgie, but the searing pain and belly punches distract her from the humiliation, for now...

Not happy having Ema "hanging around" all day, Jill drops Ema to the floor. This time she has Ema's arms bound behind her back, leaving her belly cruelly vulnerable to attacks. Starting with gut pounding double axe handles, Jill brutally hammers away at Ema's belly. Sharp knuckles of her fists grind and pound away at Ema's belly button, her flesh turning raw from the abuse. Jill, always looking for new way to torture her victim, turns to stomping on Ema's belly with a few stomps to the chest for added pleasures (Jill's pleasure of course). Grinding her heel deep into Ema's belly button simply causes poor Ema to howl in pain. Knees dropped into her belly, ground deep into her belly button, poor Ema has to endure one brutal punishment after another. Jill, being so tiny, takes full advantage of Ema's predicament, taunting her opponent, tormenting her, trash talking all the while stomping and kicking Ema in the bread basket.
Bare able to catch her breath, Ema now has Jill standing fully on her battered belly, both feet planted on the soft spot of Ema's belly, driving her guts up into her chest, making it difficult if not impossible for Ema to take a breath, causing poor Ema to gasp for air as the sadist Jill stands pround on her victim. But Ema's torture doesn't end after Jill steps off her belly, she drills Ema with more knees and heels to the guts, viciously trying to impart injury to her opponent's belly. After a while, seeing how beaten down her victim has become, Jill sprawls over her victim and casually drops one bomb after another into Ema's battered belly.. But Jill has made one monumental mistake! She took Ema for granted that she was beaten down, but like a wounded lioness, Ema gives it one last go at it and manages to lock Jill up in a neck scissors and squeezes for all she's worth. Jill, totally caught by surprised with a stunned look of incomprehension on her face, pounds away at Ema's belly, slowly feeling the blood draining from her brain as Ema desperately clings to her only hope of survival, trying to KO Jill with a vicious neck scissor and sure enough, the little fighter girl looses conciousness and is out like a light.. "OH OH"

Sore, hurt and injured, Masked Ema managed to get her bindings off her wrists and turns the tables on her adversary. Jill, now bound and tied up to the rope, is roughly hoisted up by the wrists and dangliing by the rope, just as Ema was. Ema, never being one to take a beating lightly is ready to return the favour onto her frightened opponent.. You know what's going to happen.. you know Jill is in for a beating.. Payback is a bitch.. and so is Ema.. but that's another video.. maybe.. Jill takes a few solid shots to her brick hard abs before Ema has to step away, too injured and exhausted from the beating Jill had laid on her previously.. But this battle isn't over.. These two will meet again.. soon!

This is a Belly Punching fan's video. Solid belly punching, bondage, and wedgies mark this video as a keeper. One sided beatdown fans will appreciate the beating Ema suffers at the hands of a much smaller opponent.

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