LF197 - BRUTALLY SCHOOLED - featuring Erika vs Ema

50 Minutes of one sided belly punching and then horrific one sided crotch attack and cheap shots destruction..

The new girl Erika took one hell of a beating from Pixie and Ema in their last encounter, and though severely beaten down, Erika came away from that fight with a lot of lessons learned and now she's ready to take on the bad girl, Masked Ema in a fight to the finish, using belly punching as her new found weapon of destruction. Its basically what destroyed Erika in the last video, so she brazenly goes after Ema with the same tactic. But, like most new comers around here, Erika is grossly mistaken and suffers a cheap shot from Ema which spells her doom for the rest of the fight. Ema, never one to be made a fool of, is determined to school her young student with another form of beatdown reserved only for those who desperately deserves such a brutal, sadistic and utterly humiliating torture.

The two girls are at the door smoking their pre fight cigs, blowing smoke in each other's face, trying to intimidate the other. Erika is all cocky in Ema's face about how she's going to beat down Ema with her new learned lessons from her own recent beatdown. No sooner do they get on the mats that these two hell cats lock up and Erika, true to her word, takes Ema off her feet with one viciously wild punch to the bread basket, driving Ema to the floor. From here, Erika gleefully tortures the hell out of Ema's rock hard belly, clawing at it, drilling and twisting her hard fist deep into Ema's abs, repaying Ema in part for the previous beat down. Gasping for air, Ema isn't able to mount much of a defense, let alone offence, but experience tells Ema to be patient, sooner or later, Erika will make a mistake and when she does... BAM!


And sure enough, after repeatedly bouncing her butt onto Ema's belly, knocking the wind out of the tough gal, Erika makes the mistake of boasting to the camera, showboating for her new fans. And this is just what Ema needed. While in the upright position, Erika receives a vicious knee smack dab in the crotch, sending her crashing on top of Ema in writhing pain. Now it's time for Ema to get to work. And Ema loves nothing more than to sadistically beat down her opponents, and the more they've pissed her off, the more she really wants to hurt them. So Ema centers all of her attention on Erika's crotch. One lesson hard learned around here is to never ever take your eyes off your opponent, just as Erika just learned.

From this moment on, the rest of the fight is all about Ema trying to destroy her opponent's crotch with attacks using her heel, foot, knee, elbows and fists. Ema is slightly enraged from the beating she just took from Erika and now she's just looking to brutalize her opponent and make sure it's a beat down Erika, or her fans, will never forget! Stomping with the heel to the crotch, grinding her heel in deep, Ema has Erika crying in pain quick enough.. No matter what Erika tries to do to get away from Ema, she ends up right back where she was, in pain and suffering. Erika's moans and groans only fuel Ema's sadistic nature to torture Erika more and the masked girl finds new and creative ways how to deliver her attacks from the front, back and under.

Even Erika's clothing is used as part of her humiliating beatdown. Hard fists, heels, knees, knife edge karate chops between the legs sends paralyzing pain throughout Erika's pain wracked body. Gasping for breath, Erika can't seem to find a way to escape her fate as Ema puts her opponent in a variety of holds and positions for the sole purpose of getting better aim and access to Erika's battered and tender body parts. So vicious are the attacks, Erika occasionally has to check to see if she's bleeding from such abuse.
Bear hugs, boston crabs and leg spreads all aid Ema in inflicting horrible pain to Erika's crotch. Ema is not interested in simply winning this match, she's only interested in destroying Erika in a very specific manner. Some of Ema's hits land in Erika's ass and thigh, causing weakness in Erika's legs, rendering useless and unable to escape from her torture. Not since a long time ago have we seen anyone take such a vicious and cruel crotch destruction beatdown like Erika has to suffer through.

Satisfied she's made her point, Ema delivers her last blows to Erika's poor crotch, destroyed and battered. There are many lessons to be learned on the mats, and unfortunately none of them are easy lessons, just as Erika had discovered in a most horrible and humiliating ways.

Belly punching fans will love the opening 15 minutes of this video as Erika pummels the hell out of Ema's belly and the crotch beatdown fans will absolutely go nuts for the remainder of the video as they witness one of our meanest fighter destroy the poor new girl's crotch.

You'll not want to miss THIS video!


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