LF195 - BOUNTY HUNTER II - featuring Ema vs Pixie (Custom Video)

36 Minutes of varied action, belly punching, crotch shots, clawing, humiliation, lift and carry and so much more..

The Bounty Hunter is back, and this time Pixie has been charged by the Omega Gang to retrieve a stolen object and bring it and the thief, Masked Ema back to headquarters, with extreme prejudice! Pixie quickly capture Ema and drags her into the storage room to find the stolen object but no sooner does Pixie turn her back on her foe, Ema jumps Pixie and the epic battle for control begins. Pixie knows that failure to bring in both Ema and the object is not an option when it comes to the Omega Gang so she has to do everything in her power to bring down Ema and find the object. Back and forth they go, Ema desperate to escape, Pixie desperate to complete her mission. Belly punching, scissors, clawing, wedgies, cheap shots to the crotch, and so much more await these two fiery combatants in this epic battle where only one can emerge victorious, and one carried off in humiliation and defeat.

Pixie is an expert Bounty Hunter, so when the Omega Gang hired her to retrieve both the stolen object and it's thief, they left it be known under no uncertain terms that failure was NOT an option. No problems for Pixie as she never fails. She quickly apprehends Ema and drags her onto the mats, bound and gagged, throws Ema to the floor and starts searching for the object. While busy, Pixie fails to notice Ema breaking free of her bonds and sneaking up behind her. Ema gabs Pixie with a reverse Bear Hug, crushing the smaller girl's ribs, driving the air out of her lungs. Just when it looks like Pixie is out, Ema drops the little red head to the mats and starts to escape but Pixie is quick to her feet and manages to pull Ema back onto the mats and up against the wall for a ferocious beat down belly punching to Ema's tight rock hard abs. Blow after blow rock the Masked Ema, causing her to gasp for air. On the floor, Ema is treated to a few vicious cheap shots and when it looks like she's down for the count, Pixie attempts an elbow drop to the chest but comes up short as Ema rolls out of the way, causing Pixie to crash to the floor, stunned. Just the opening Ema needed for some pay back. This time the masked girl treats Pixie to some pain and suffering of her own, tossing in head locks, camel clutches with painful fish hooking of the mouth, leg twisting and neck crushing scissors.. Pixie is brutalized and close to failure with her mission as Ema picks her opponent up and puts Pixie in a spine crushing bear hug, pressing down as hard as she can to finish off the little red head. But Pixie, knowing the perils of failure with the Omega Gang, attempts to break out of this painful hold with several well places karate chops to the Ema's neck which forces her to release the hold and go down to the mats in great pain. Just what Pixie needed, an opening to be able to tear Ema apart but unfortunately, Ema is able to sweep Pixie off her feet with a swift kick to the kicks and straddle her victim for a punishing round of belly punching and belly button torture.


Feeling quite confident with herself, Ema hammers away at Pixie's mid section with horrendous fists, clawing away at Pixie's tender skin and bounces her ass on her opponent's abused abs.. Unfortunately for Ema, Pixie is able to sneak her hand in the way and literally catches Ema as she comes down with another bounce. With a firm and sadistically painful grip, Pixie is able to move Ema off the mats and up against the floor, clawing away at Ema's crotch, causing the masked girl to grimace and scream in horrible pain. This is the opening Pixie needed to start finishing off Ema. The fiery red head lets loose with various holds, strikes and evil tactics that causes Ema excruciating pain and suffering. Folded up in a pretzel, Ema is helpless as Pixie poses over her victim and is then humiliated with punishing wedgies. The end is near for Ema as Pixie woman handles her victim, tossing Ema from side to side, humiliating her masked opponent over and over again. Poor Ema, battered and bruised, is led around by the hair like a bitch on a leash by her mistress. Bad enough getting beaten down but to be humiliated like this is going one step beyond.

Finally in the end, Pixie prevails. She finds the stolen object and carries Ema over her shoulder back to the Omega Gang where they will take care of Ema once and for all..


This custom video has many fun elements in it (fun for the viewer, that is) and painful for the victims. But in the end, it's one hell of a fight between two capable hell cats who don't want to lose..


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