LF193 - CONTENTIOUS CONTEST - featuring Maia vs Trish

38 Minutes of determined fighting action which results one brutal beatdown finish

Maia came to us not long ago but ended up losing all her matches against Ema and other girls. So when the little girl from across the border shows up, Maia wanted to take her down and make a name for herself but Trish, all 5'0" 115 lbs of her, wasn't going to just let Maia have her way. As soon as the action starts, these hell cats tear away into each other, clawing, yanking hair, punching, kicking and biting their way through this match in hopes of making the other submit but in the end, after much brutal fighting, one of the girls goes down in the flames of defeat. This is one wild fight you don't want to miss!

When Trish shows up to try her skills on the mats, Maia was eager to take her on. Having been everyone's whipping girl in her past matches, Maia seriously wanted to show everyone she could actually handle herself on the mats. But tiny Trish wasn't just going to let Maia have her way, of course. The two girls lunge at each other with unrestrained fury and go down to the mats, trying to get a dominating position over the other to bring on some pain and punishment, using what they have at their disposal, hair, belly, breasts and cheap shots! Trish, being all new but a capable scrapper, has to restrain herself from using fists to Maia's face, this being her first instinct fight tactic to use. So though she looks hesitant at first, she's actually trying to learn how to bring down her bigger opponent without punching her in the face.. But she learns quick and manages to turn the tables on Maia more than once, much to Maia's chagrin.

Back and forth they go, camel clutches, bow and arrows, belly punching, hair yanking, cheap shot kicks to the crotch, these girls leave nothing on the table as they roll across the mats and tear into each other with wanton abandon. Maia gets caught with a sharp fist to the guts that almost has her puking and she's got to call submit to avoid spilling her guts. Trish, showing little to absolutely no sympathy for her opponent, simply gives Maia a vicious kick to the abdomen, sending the weakened Maia crashing to the floor gasping for air. Realizing the danger she's in Maia rallies up her strength at retaliates against Trish to get some space between them.


Still no decisive advantage can be granted to either girl as they lunge at each other with vicious attacks. Eventually, after much struggle, it's decided they should settle it like real hell cats and go for a one to one vicious "bitch slap" contest... I can assure you this isn't your sunday variety of face slapping as each girl sadistically tries to make the other submit with as hard a bitch slap as she can muster until finally, Maia catches trish square on the nose causing Trish to flinch away quickly.. Sensing a quick finish to this contest, Maia leans in to trash talk her injured opponent but she's greeted with a furious bitch slap that sends Maia crashing to the mats.. Trish, eyes watering from the smack to the nose, is all over Maia again. This time they agree to a one for one belly punching contest.. Once again, with full force blows, they attack each other's belly with brutal fists (these girls can swing!). Eventually, Trish suffers more and knows she can't take another shot so she attacks Maia and both girls are down on the mats scrambling for a dominant position again, but by this time, exhaustion and pain take their toll on the girls and they can barely mount any amount of offense against the other..

While Trish might be content with a draw in this contest, Maia is hell bent on securing her first win on the mats! Mustering all the strength she has left, Maia rolls up onto Trish's upper body, pinning the little girl to the mats, leaving the little girl's tender belly cruelly exposed and Maia proceeds to hammer away at Trish's abs, over and over again, until the petite girl no longer responds to the hellacious pounding Maia is inflicting on Trish's bruised and battered belly.


It cost Maia a lot to get this win, it wasn't easy. Though she's tiny, 5'0" Trish packs a huge wallop in her small frame. Maia, exhausted and battered herself, can barely move and lays across her defeated adversary, savouring her first win here at Ladyfist.com

Most a non-scripted match where the girls test each other's strength, this video will appeal to belly punching fans and to most other fem fighting fans as well. These girls gave it their all, but only one could come out on top.

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