LF191 - A SISTER'S REVENGE - featuring Taylor vs Pixie - Custom Video

36 Minutes of one sided beatdown as one sister seeks revenge on the girl who beat her older sister.

Pixie can fight her own battles but absolutely hates it when people go after her family in attempts to score points against her. Such was the case when callous Taylor jumped Pixie's older sister and beat the hell out of her recently. Not happy with what happened, Pixie storms in on Taylor's nap and proceeds to beat the hell out of the sultry hellcat. Using Camel clutches, boston crabs, hair pulls and breast mauling, Pixie puts the beat down on Taylor like never before.

Taylor is caught napping on the sofa when Pixie storms in the room with a surprise attack. Yanking Taylor to the floor by the feet, Pixie drills a sharp kick into Taylor's crotch to disable her opponent and drags her out of the lounge room and out onto the mat room where she can properly put the beat down on Taylor. These two girls hate each other with such passion that they'll go to extremes in order to hurt the other. Taylor beat the hell out of Pixie's sister, so the little fiery red head will extract her revenge from Taylor, one inch at a time. Once Pixie has Taylor locked into a punishing Camel Clutch, Pixie pulls back as hard as she can, bending and twisting her opponent to near breaking point. Her abs stretched out, chest thrust out, Taylor can barely breath as Pixie pull back hard on her hair and chin. Swinging around for a one legged Boston crab, Pixie is in proper position to inflict even greater damage to Taylor as she punches her helpless victim in the crotch and eventually reaches around to fish hook Taylor in this position. Knowing how great a danger she's in, Taylor musters up all her strength and manages to flip Pixie off her leg, tossing the little red head into the wall, stunning her long enough for Taylor to grab onto Pixie's legs and put her in a painful Boston crab.


Now in full control, Taylor traps Pixie in a crush scissors holds, yanking on her hair and mauling her breasts before picking up the little girl and dropping her to the mats for a body slam. Stunned and confused, Pixie is unable to stop Taylor from stepping on her throat and yanking up on Pixie's arm, trying to choke her out. Not willing to go down without a fight, Pixie manages to sweep Taylor's legs out to send her opponent down crashing to the mats. As both battered girls slowly get up to their feet, they square off as both girls take round house swings at each other but miss until Pixie dives under one of Taylor's swings and head butts her opponent in the crotch, doubling Taylor over within reach for a knuckle duster punch to the chin.

Stunned, Taylor is caught by Pixie in a full nelson hold and stretched, almost breaking her shoulders out of their sockets. Holding Taylor's arms with one hand, Pixie is able to assault her victim with her free hand. After punishing her victim with vicious mauling and punching, Pixie locks Taylor up in the Pretzel Hold, leaving Taylor unable to move or defend herself as Pixie takes a few cheap shots. Once done with that, Pixie does what she can to stretch and break her victim. Jammed up against the wall, Taylor is brutally assaulted with knees and fists and hellacious bitch slaps as Pixie seeks revenge for her sister.
Poor Taylor cannot defend herself as Pixie expertly applies neck crushing sleeper holds to her victim, not quite knocking her out as that would be too easy for Taylor. Pixie wants to torture Taylor some more before finishing her off for good.

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Once she's satisfied that she's avenged her sister, Pixie puts the finishing touches to Taylor's humiliating beatdown and walks away with Taylor's bikini top as a trophy for her sister. Hell hath no fury like a sister's revenge.


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