LF189 - BENT, BROKEN, SUBMITTED - featuring Maia vs Pixie

33 Minutes of one sided beatdown testing the new girl's flexibility and her abilities to take brutal punishment.

Back from her successful beatdown over Jill, Pixie was asked to 'break in' the new girl, Maia. Right from the start, there's something about the new girl that Pixie doesn't like and after a brief test of strength via arm wrestling, Pixie decides it's time to really 'break' this new girl in. When Maia defiantly challenges Pixie to a flexibility test, poor Maia is sucker punched while in a bridge and the fight is on. Try as she may, poor Maia isn't able to put up much of a fight against Pixie's strength and skills as the little red head bends, twists, stomps, punches and hammers on her new opponent, literally stretching Maia to her limits. Pixie wants to ensure that this is a match the new girl will never forget as Pixie breaks Maia's will to fight, and almost breaks her in two.

Ready for her first match, Maia stretches as Pixie comes walking in, complaining how she once again has to break in the new girl, as if the task was now 'beneath' her status as one of the top girls around here. To see how strong maia is, Pixie sets her up for an arm wrestling match which Pixie easily wins. Perturbed at how strong her smaller opponent is, Maia challenges Pixie show her flexibility by doing a bridge. Now this isn't Pixie's strong point and Maia is quick to mock Pixie's lack of flexibility as the new girl shows just very flexible she is when she shows Pixie her great flexibility.. and her lack of judgment. Having pissed off Pixie with this little show of defiance, Maia sealed her fate as Pixie comes crashing down with a powerful fist to Maia's cruelly exposed belly, sending the poor girl crumpling down to the mats. Right away Pixie laces Maia's belly with vicious belly punches to soften her up before putting the new girl into a bow and arrow to stretch her body out. Stunned and weakened by the initial onslaught, Maia is barely able to defend herself but manages to get the little red head off of her once in a while during the fight but not for long. Pixie crushes the new girl with powerful scissors, hair pulling and vicious belly punching.


With her victim trapped and helpless, Pixie attacks Maia's belly with thunderous punches, clawing at her flesh and mauling at her breasts, but Maia, desperate to get away, manages to grab Pixie's hair and forcibly yank the little girl off of her just long enough to break free, but it doesn't take Pixie long to regain control over her new victim. Tossing Maia into a camel clutch, Pixie sets her up for some pain as she rocks Maia back on her haunches, stretching the poor girl's belly and cracking her spine in the process. Grabbing Maia's foot, Pixie wants to put Maia's flexibility to the test by seeing if she can make her foot touch the back of her head. Maia, realizing she's in deep trouble, digs deep and turns the tables over on Pixie, getting on top of the red head but Maia's lack of experience Allows Pixie to eventually get back on top and belly smother Maia down for the count. This gives Pixie the opportunity to bring out everyone's favourite toy, the Blue Ball of Pain. Casually draped over the ball, Maia is ruthlessly beaten and battered with fists, elbows and clawing. Arched over the ball, her belly destroyed, Maia doesn't have the strength to pull herself off the ball and has to suffer the beating delivered by Pixie.

When Pixie tires of the Blue Ball, she dumps Maia's battered body onto the floor and cranks on a brutal camel clutch hold, from where she pulls at Maia's nose and ears. Leaning as far back as she can go, Pixie wants to hear Maia's back snap. But the real pain comes when Pixie puts her victim into a sadistic Boston crab, bending Maia's back to extreme angles, stepping on her head for more leverage. The torture is not over yet, as Pixie once again pulls and stretches Maia out with a bow and arrow hold.

If Pixie agrees to break in a new girl, she'll break in the new girl. And poor Maia is getting broken as her back is bent back with brutal cross over knee back breakers, accentuated with vicious belly punching and elbow smashes. Its all Pixie can do to make Maia suffer. One hold after another, one punch after another, with Maia reeling in pain from Pixie's assault.


Finally, all good things must come to an end. Satisfied she's 'broken' the new girl, Pixie settles in to finish destroying Maia's belly. Having punished Maia's back and belly, Pixie doubts the new girl will brag about her flexibility again. Not only does Pixie destroy the new girl but she's leaving a message to all the others that this too could happen to anyone foolish enough to step on the mats with her.

Belly punching fans will love this video, as will the flex fans out there. Maia suffered well and shows her flexibility while being brutally assaulted by her sadistic opponent. This is one video you'll not want to miss

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