LF188 - FIGHT BACK, BITCH - featuring Bunny vs Jill

34 Minutes of one sided and humiliating beatdown, belly punching and camel clutches, hair pulls and feet in the face.

Jill might have taken a vicious beating from Pixie in a previous video but the tough little girl is back and ready to vent her frustrations on whom ever is reckless enough to stand in front of her. So when young pretty little Bunny shows up, Jill can't believe how foolhardy her adversary is acting. Displaying more bravery than brains, Bunny attempts to bitch slap her opponent but is rewarded with one hell of a vicious beat down like never before as Jill seeks to punish this one girl as an example to all others, Pixie included. Using her devastating hammer fists, Jill sadistically pummels Bunny's belly to shreds, stretches the young girl in spine cracking camel clutches and basically does what ever she can to humiliate and destroy her victim. This isn't a contest, it's all one sided and Bunny is on the receiving end of it all. So disgusted at Bunny's inability to fight, Jill shouts at her to fight back, but try as she may, Bunny is in for one hell of a painful night after this match.

Jill loves to flex and pose for her numerous fans, but the little muscle girl is quite perturbed. She took a vicious beating from Pixie in her previous match, and she wants to make up for it, otherwise the other girls in the house may think Jill is an easy mark. So when Jill faces Bunny, she is less than impressed that she's not getting to redeem herself with a worth opponent. Especially one so cocky and foolhardy as Bunny. We're not sure what Bunny was thinking when she stepped up to Jill and tried to bitch slap her but that was about the last purposeful thing Bunny did for this match. After that failed attempt, its all downhill in a very painful way.


Completely dominating her weaker opponent, Jill simply makes a joke out of Bunny as Jill hammers one vicious fist deep into Bunny's belly after another. Straddling her victim, Jill taunts and torments her opponent, wanting to make sure others see how tough Jill really is. She hammers on Bunny, destroying the poor girl's belly, rips the hair from her head and crushes Bunny between her well toned and powerful thighs.


Beating down and brutalizing her opponent isn't enough for Jill, she wants to dominate and humiliate her smaller victim. Shoving her gorgeous feet into Bunny's face, Jill seeks to make Bunny's night more miserable than it could ever be. Bunny doesn't submit or quit easily (though she should as we know what the outcome is going to be anyway), and she refuses to submit to Jill when asked. Of course, this infuriates her opponent which causes Jill to step up her brutality and punishment. But finally every good thing comes to an end at some point, as Jill straddles her broken victim, she pins Bunny's hands down with her feet and proceeds to destroy Bunny's belly, one vicious belly punch after another until there is no more response from her beaten and humiliated victim.

Vicious belly punching, hair pulling, camel clutches and trash talking Jill makes an example out of Bunny that many will simply not want to miss. With this one beat down, Jill is back in her game, and ready to take on whom ever is foolish enough to step before her.

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