LF187 - I OWN YOU, BITCH! - featuring JILL vs PIXIE - Custom Video

33 Minutes of intense back and forth fighting until one goes down hard and suffers a humiliating beatdown.

Pixie has a white hot hate for Jill, the one girl whom Pixie has yet to defeat and unfortunately from whom had suffered once vicious beatdown after another. But not today, the time has come for Pixie to reclaim her top tier position on the mats and put Jill in her rightful 'bitch' place. The sparks fly early as these two hated antagonist tear into each other, back and forth with various holds and gut shots, until Pixie resorts to the one tool Jill had never used in her arsenal: The Cheap Shot. Once Jill goes down from Pixie's cheap shot, Jill faces an uphill struggle she can never recover from as the little red head pummels and finally destroys her long time antagonist, and finally makes Jill her bitch as she destroys the hammer fisted fighter girl. The battle is fast and furious, the punches brutal, the holds sadistic, and in the end, Pixie can claim she finally owns Jill. Beaten and defeated, Jill faced her first major defeat on the mats.

Pixie, furious that she's never been able to defeat Jill, is furious as hell and vows that this time, the slim little girl with the muscles is going down hard and will stay down, so when the two face off, you can sense the daggers flying between them as they stare down one another. When they return to the mats, the fight is one and they don't waste time ripping into each other, yanking at hair, swing punches to the guts, scissors and twisting their opponent. Each hold applied has an additional sadistic twist to it, as ears are pinched, noses pulled back and that extra little 'fuck you' factor applied. Jill, ever so confident in her abilities to damage her opponents, takes the battle serious as she really wants to remind Pixie as to who is the top girl around here. Using her powerful strength, Jill picks up Pixie and forcibly body slams her red headed opponent to the mats, knocking the breath out of Pixie.


As Jill boasts to her fans as to how great she is, Pixie takes the opportunity to deliver a blind sided cheap shot that completely drops Jill to the mats, allowing Pixie to begin her revenge beatdown on her adversary. Using a lot of your favourite holds, Pixie tries to break her foe's will to fight with ignorant and dirty tactics, but Jill, ever so proud the fighter, resists Pixie's attempts to make her submit. Brutal belly punches, spine cracking bow and arrows and boston crabs torture the poor girl as Pixie lets it fly for all it's worth in her attempt to break down Jill's will to fight. Every once in a while, Jill manages to break free and give Pixie a fight but she's weakened enough from Pixie onslaught that Jill can't carry through most of her offensive moves. When she catches Pixie in a solid full nelson, Jill's inexperience shows when Pixie is able to slip in a sneaky up kick to nail Jill in the crotch with her heel, sending the poor girl down to the mats for yet another vicious belly beatdown, this time with such telling effects that we now hear the fear of defeat in Jill's voice as she howls in pain.


From the floor and up against the wall, Jill is belly punched and kneed viciously, over and over again. Pixie is like a woman possessed, seeking retribution for previous beatdowns inflicted by Jill. Fists crashing hard against Jill's hard tight belly causes the poor girl to howl in pain as Jill desperately tries to get away but Pixie is not letting go of her victim as she methodically destroys Jill's belly. After applying a sleeper hold to weaken her opponent, Pixie tosses Jill up for a cross shoulder back breaker before hammering away her belly, chiseling away at Jill's' will to fight back. Battered and exhausted, Jill is picked up and violently body slammed to the stiff mats. Hammered and beaten, poor Jill is hoisted up and pile driven into the mats.

The end is written on the wall for poor Jill. Barely able to move, she's beaten and hammered by Pixie. Relishing her superiority over Jill, finally able to beat down the only girl to ever have pushed Pixie off the top tier position here, Pixie hammers away at Jill's belly while her poor victim is barely with it and unable to move. As a parting insult to injury, Pixie is sure to let everyone know that she now owns Jill's ass after such a beating. We're not sure if Jill will be back after such beating, one like she's never suffered before, or willing to face Pixie again. But time will tell. Pride is a vicious sentiment..

Giving it their all, Pixie and Jill viciously hammer away at each other throughout the video. Belly punches get more brutal as the fight ensues, the girls more ferocious. This is one of those videos that will leave you satisfied.

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