LF186 - SUCKER PUNCH - featuring Ema vs Jill

30 Minutes of brutal one sided belly punching with non-stop action to a KO humiliation finish

Jill developed a reputation of hammering too hard when doing our famous belly punching videos and none of the other girls want to work with this pretty little girl. But dammit, Jill loves belly punching her weaker opponents and takes sneaky methods to get what she wants. And this time, she wants Ema as her victim. Knowing Ema lost her $500 rent money, Jill's tactic is to give Ema all of the rent money, only if she is able to endure 25 of Jill's punches. However, if Ema quits before the 25 punches, she gets nothing! Its a risk everything, take everything deal. Unfortunately for Ema, she's in dire straights for the money and has no choice but to submit to Jill's evil plan, or face being evicted. What transpires is one hell of a belly punching beatdown, but Ema discovers she's been duped!

Jill loves to belly punch but no one wants to play with her. Jill tends to hit very hard and none of the other girls can stand toe to toe with the little girl. When Jill hears of Ema's misfortunate, the little powerhouse hitter hatches a plan. Ema shows up in distress. Her rent money is stolen and unless she can raise the $500 for rent money, she'll be tossed out in the streets. Later, Jill shows up and informs us she's got a deal that Ema can't refuse.. When Jill tells Ema that in order to gain the $500, she has to submit herself to Jill's brutal and devastating belly punches. However, it's $20 for each punch, a total of 25 fist in the gut punches. But if Ema passes out, quits or can't continue, she gets nothing! That's right.. take it or leave.. Poor Ema, has no choice but to try, or face eviction. Not much of a choice...


Poor Ema, she knows Jill hits painfully hard and that the little girl is going to enjoy this way too much for Ema's comfort. And the first punch to the belly tells us how hard of a contest this will be. Each punch delivered devastates Ema's belly, sending her belly into painful spasms as she struggles to remain conscious. Jill, taking her sweet time, sizes up Ema carefully before each punch, savouring how her hammer fists drill deep into Ema's reddening belly. Standing, pressed against the wall, laying on the floor, Jill hammers Ema's belly right up to the magic 25th punch but by this time, Ema is so out of it, she's not even aware the ordeal is over. But it's at this point that the tragic truth of the matter is revealed. As Jill flicks the $20 bills down on her prone victim, Jill lets us know that SHE was the one who stole Ema's rent money and basically beat the living hell out of her opponent with Ema's own money!! What a rip off for poor battered Ema.


When Ema wakes up she's royally pissed at Jill for making a fool out of her and attacks her antagonist but for all the tenacity she displays, Ema is no match for Jill's powerful strength. Tiny as she is, Jill is so powerfully strong that Ema can barely get any swings in on her opponent. But it doesn't take long after much fighting that Jill once again maintains the advantage to torture her helpless victim.


With back breakers, belly punches, camel clutches and more, poor Ema is cruelly beaten down to within in an inch of her life. KO'd out cold, Ema is humiliated once more as Jill helps herself to another trophy as she removes Ema's bikini top, walking away ever so proud of herself for pulling a fast one over Ema like that.


Beaten and humiliated, Ema sobs at the end of the match, vowing revenge against Jill.. One of these days, the little tough chic will get hers...

Belly punching fans are going to love watching Ema take one hell of a vicious beating from Jill.


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