LF184 - BOUNTY HUNTER - featuring Ema vs Pixie - Custom Video

36 Minutes of Belly punching, crotch stomping, hair pulling and KO mayhem!

Hired to eliminate the Omega Gang, Ema managed to dispose of a few of the gang before her superiors tell her of a Bounty Hunter sent out to deliver Ema to the same Omega Gang so that they may exact their revenge upon her. When Pixie shows up as the bounty hunter, Ema is not too worried, she's taken out several enemy at the same time, surely she'll be able to handle the likes of Pixie. When Pixie swings for a punch to Ema's belly and her punches are caught in mid air, Ema feels she's got the upper hand, but quick thinking Pixie manages to turn the tables on Ema for a while before all hell breaks loose and these two long standing adversaries tear into each other with wanton disregard for their own safety in order to take out the other. In the end, one of these hired guns is going down for the count and it ain't gonna be pretty!

The scenes opens with Ema informing her bosses that she's taken out most of the Omega Gang as instructed. However, she's informed that a bounty hunter is hot on her heels and if she's caught, she will be handed over to the surviving Omega Gang for vicious and brutal punishment as revenge for Ema's past deeds against the Omega Gang. When Ema finally encounters Pixie, she's not very concerned about the little red head. When Pixie throws a couple of gut punches at Ema, the masked brunette manages to catch Pixie's fists in mid air and taunts Pixie as to how slow she is.. but in the middle of her trash talking, Ema is brutally kneed to the crotch which sends her crashing to the mats. Pixie continues to attack Ema's crotch to weaken her opponent before putting the masked girl into a neck triangle to choke her out, but Ema's quick thinking allows her to rake her nails across Pixie's eyes, forcing the red head to release the hold and stagger around, her eyes shut in pain. Ema, now in control, starts beating down on Pixie, tossing her in a spine cracking boston crab and body scissors, gut punches and vicious attacks. Finally, Ema jams Pixie up against the wall, takes a few steps back and launches herself at Pixie to do a body splash across Pixie's body to do great damage. At least, that was the plan before Pixie managed to step aside and allow Ema to crash into the solid wall, stunning the masked girl as she falls to the floor. Now, it's Pixie's turn to show her foe why she was sent in to capture Ema..


Dazed and battered, Ema is subjected to brutal and vicious kicks, heels and punches to the crotch, before she's tossed into a painful camel clutch. Stretched and bent, hair yanked out by the roots, Ema is brutalized and battered as Pixie makes mince meat out of the masked girl. Weakened by Pixie's onslaught, Ema can't do much to defend herself as Pixie puts Ema into one body bending, legs stretching and back bending hold after another before stunning Ema once again with a repeated face slamming into the floor move, over and over.. This time, its Pixie who jams Ema up against the wall after a vicious round of belly punching and knees to the gut, but unlike the last time, Pixie actually manages to slam herself violently against Ema which sends the poor masked girl crashing tot he floor, broken and battered.


Stunned, dazed and unaware of her surroundings, Ema is viciously pummeled and stomped. Pixie takes great pleasure in stretching out her opponent before putting her into a crushing Sleeper Hold but out of desperation, Ema manages to elbow Pixie in the ribs in a wild attempt to escape but a double karate chop to the back of the neck halts Ema in her tracks and allows Pixie to hammer on her victim some more before finally putting the poor masked girl out cold with a nice and cruel Sleeper Hold again, this time until Ema's eyes roll to the back of her head, the white of her eyes signaling her final surrender to Pixie as Ema passes out, this time for good.

Pixie can now call her superiors and inform them that they may come and fetch their prize, to take Ema away for a vengeful session of torture. Once again, Pixie emerges victorious over her foes. If you have trouble that needs to be dealt with, call Pixie, the Bounty Hunter.

Great hard core action throughout this video will certainly please fight fans with a variety of holds, moves and full actions scenes. Gut blasting punches, crotch attacks, back breakers and KO's are thrown in through the match. There is something for everyone in this epic battle.

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