LF183 - NO FISTS - featuring Jill vs Pixie

27 Minutes of brutal belly punching, back breakers and punishing knees and elbows.

After the vicious beatdown Pixie took from Jill in LF181, the petite red head is hell bent on getting her revenge against Jill but doesn't want to risk another all out belly punching match against the tightly packaged new girl with the devastating fists. Eager to get her hands on Pixie again, Jill confidently agrees to Pixie's conditions that she is not to use her fists on Pixie. Unfortunately, Jill underestimated Pixie's wrestling skills and is soon subjected to Pixie's revenge as the little fiery red head bends and stretches her adversary in torturous holds before Jill taps out to Pixie's neck triangle lock. When Jill regains her senses, she discovers that Pixie suckered her into a one sided condition that it was only Jill who couldn't use her fists in this match, not Pixie. Much to her horror, Jill finds herself trapped in Pixie's body scissors with her hands caught behind her back and is now viciously attacked with devastating shots to her exposed belly. After a good belly punching beatdown, Pixie stands over her victim, confident that she's beaten Jill down, but instead, Pixie is caught with a surprise kick to the belly by an angry Jill who now informs Pixie that yes, she's not going to use her hammer like fists against the little red head, but that doesn't mean she's not going to put a vicious and sadistic beatdown on Pixie anyway! Pixie has had a long run of wins around here but we're begriming to think Pixie's days are numbered with Jill doing all the counting.

Jill, the tough and beautiful young fighter girl, is in the middle of her exercise routine, as Pixie walks in all annoyed at Jill because of how she punches too hard. Pixie challenges Jill to another fight but gets Jill to agree to "no body punches" during this match. Jill, not afraid of anyone, eager agrees just so she can teach Pixie yet another lesson but Jill has under estimated Pixie's grappling abilities and is soon on the receiving end of some of Pixie's favourite holds, such as the Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and Bow & Arrow and grapevines. Unable to counter Pixie's moves and holds, Jill gets schooled in some of the more painful and punishing holds out there. Crushed between Pixie's powerful thighs, Jill struggles just to stay in the game and Pixie straddles Jill, crushing down on her as they struggle for position but Jill can't seem to get ahead in this match.


Eventually, after much bending and stretching, Jill is caught in Pixie's favourite leg triangle choke and has to tap out. When she regains her senses, Jill discovers that Pixie has evil plans for her. Though Jill agreed to a no body punching match, she didn't realize Pixie meant only that Jill couldn't use her fists.. but didn't really refer to Pixie not being to use her hard little fists against Jill! Caught in Pixie's body scissors with her arms lodged in behind her back, Jill is utterly defenseless as Pixie sadistically hammers away at Jill's rock hard abs with elbows, fists and finger probes to the belly button. Struggle as she may, poor Jill is trapped and cannot escape Pixie's revenge.


Confident she has her opponent beaten down, Pixie didn't appreciate how tough Jill actually is as the battered new girl manages to get a swift kick into her unsuspecting foe's belly, dropping the little red head to her knees. True to her work, Jill reminds Pixies that she still won't use her fists against Pixie as previously agreed, but that doesn't mean she won't be shy on using other body parts to destroy Pixie. As Pixie struggles to recover from Jill's savage kick, she's brutally attacked with devastating knees and elbows to her belly, gasping for air, struggling to get away from Jill but the overwhelmed petite red head is now way over her head against Jill who shows no signs of relenting on her savage assault on Pixie.

Straddling her deafeated opponent and pinning Pixie to the mats, Jill merrily reminds poor Pixie that all this was indeed done without the use of her fists..

Fans are going to love this double one sided beatdown video where back breakers, belly punches and knockouts are featured in this viciously entertaining video!

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