LF179 - I  HATE  EMA!  -  featuring Ema vs Gypsy & Pixie

38 minutes of brutal, vicious and sadistic 2 on 1 beatdown!

The premise is simple: Gypsy and Pixie HATE Ema.. and they want to punish the masked girl in such a manner she'll not soon forget this day. They hate Ema SO much, they want to show her how much. Poor Ema never gets the chance to mount any offence or even defense as the two red heads destroy Ema in the most vicious and brutal of ways. When Ema cries her submission to end the match, she discovers then that neither Pixie or Gypsy want Ema's submission, they just want to hate on her, simple as that. Trapped a variety of holds that leave sexy Ema cruelly vulnerable and helpless, Pixie and Gypsy take turns hammering away at Ema's hard abs, tender breasts and hair. Pixie favours cheap low blows at any opportunity and delivers punches, heel stomps and knees to Ema's battered and bruised body. Non-stop action, Ema is finally put out in the end, but her humiliation is not over quite yet.. The red heads have something in store for their hated opponent.

Straddling their victim, Gypsy and Pixie chuckle at how much they hate Ema. It could be jealousy but we think it's only because they simply hate anything and everything about Ema.. and they're going to make her suffer for it. Right at the beginning of the ordeal, Ema's inner thighs are stretched out as both red heads push hard against the inside of Ema's thighs, causing her legs to spread wider than you could imagine. This, of course, offers Pixie a prime angle for a low blow. Then the red haired duo toss Ema up into a camel clutch and together torture their victim with fish hooks, punches to the vulnerable stretched out abs and mauling her breasts. But its when Ema is tossed up into a short ceiling hold that the brutality really begins. Suspended and stretched out, Ema's belly and crotch are cruelly exposed for Pixie's explosive fists and devastating knees to the belly and crotch.


Stomped, kicked and punched, Ema is beaten over and over as she is trapped in Gypsy's holds while Pixie is free to hammer away at her hated opponent. Gypsy and Pixie want nothing more than to destroy Ema and making her suffer. All the begging and pleading won't save Ema from what her opponents have planned for her. Leg tangle holds that leave Ema utterly defenseless, allows Pixie full access to Ema's already battered belly, stretched, punched and brutalized. Back and forth they then play Ema as monkey in the middle, belly punched and bitch slapping her from one side of the room to the other.


The vicious red heads even have to toss in a humiliation factor by means of Gypsy holding Ema up in a rocking horse hold. As she swings her victim back and forth, petite Pixie is there to bitch slap Ema every time she's swung up towards her opponent. Still the battle rages on, a one sided devastating beat down of epic porporton..

Spine back, belly stretched, body devastated, Ema is punched, stomped and kicked repeatedly, bouncing her limp body like a wet rag doll. Ema is finally tossed up and across Gypsy's shoulders for a vicious back breaker as Pixie wails away on the poor masked girl's belly, until she's barely coherent.. But Ema's final humiliation comes at the end when she wakes up to find herself hog tied and robbed of her top! Pixie and Gypsy saunter away, laughing at how much they really hate Ema..


This is one of those 2 on 1 vicious beat downs that you'll be watching over and over again, watching Ema take one of the most vicious and brutal beatdowns yet on our mats. When Gypsy and Pixie get a hate-on for someone, there is hell to pay...

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