LF178 - IS THIS YOU TRYING?  - featuring Sonia vs Pixie

35 Minutes of one sided beat down domination - Petite vs TALL!

Pixie has had the run of the mill here at Ladyfist for quite some time, beating down opponents much larger than she is but she's never met anyone as tall as 5'11" Sonia! The beautiful tall girl has been watching the scene here from a distance and felt that this spring is her turn to come try out on our mats and dominate the roost, feeling she can easily take down any of the Ladyfist Veteran girls. But she has to get past Pixie first. Why not? Start small, work your way UP the ladder, so to speak. Unfortunately for Sonia, she came ill prepared and paid the price. Pixie has never shown any fear in any of her matches and she isn't about to get nervous for this one. Though Sonia towers over Pixie by almost 12 inches, the little hell cat lunges at her new victim and starts teaching Sonia a lesson she'll soon not forget. As they say: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And PIxie will take Sonia on a beat down trip like never before.

Sonia is eager to get her hands on Pixie and making a name for herself by dethroning the little fighter girl. But soon the trash talking and shoving gets a little too serious and Pixie gets to work with a swift punch to Sonia's gorgeous belly, bringing the tall beauty down a notch or two, low enough for Pixie to latch on to Sonia's hair and take her down to the mats to level the playing field. Try as she may, Sonia can't seem to figure out how to fight such a short tight little package with claws like Pixie. But PIxie doesn't have much problems dealing with Sonia's sexy long limbs, those are there for the extra leverage to pull and twist on. Not sparing the new girl any pain or suffering, Pixie grabs on to Sonia's hair through the match and seldom lets go of it. If you control the head, you control the body, and control it she does. Pixie easily mounts her taller opponent and rains brutal fists to her abs, mauling Sonia's tender breasts, making the new girl howl in pain.


Sonia is not without her resources though, she resists Pixie's attempts to put her in a Camel Clutch several times as she knows this is Pixie's favourite hold, so Sonia avoids it fiercely. But unfortunately, the little red headed hell cat manages to slip the hold on later on in the match and Sonia suffers horribly as Pixie bends and stretches her victim. Neck scissors and triangles lock Pixie's victim just where she needs her in order to brutalize Sonia more. Eventually, as Sonia desperately attempts to break away and fight back, the arrogant Pixie taunts Sonia with "Is this YOU trying??" Poor Sonia, she manages no more than some hair pulling and breast mauling but Pixie is tough and is able to turn the tables quickly, causing her victim to let go and defend herself.


We didn't think it possible but Pixie was going to give it a try and manages to drop Sonia's long powerful legs into a figure four leg lock. She never saw it coming and got trapped in this brutally painful hold. Vicious hair pulling and ferocious gut punching tidies up the rest of the punishment Pixie has in store for Sonia. Stretched, pulled, bent and battered, poor Sonia can barely defend herself now against the little red head who repeatedly drops fists and double axe hammers to Sonia's tender and destroyed belly. But the best is saved for last. Pixie wanted to save this hold for the very end: a humiliating and sadistic face sit KO. Poor Sonia, tall, athletic and gorgeous, thought she could come here and walk all over the competition, especially tiny petite little Pixie. If the face sit KO was humiliating enough, the total loss against Ladyfist's SMALLEST fighter must weigh heavily on Sonia. Hopefully, she will be back for a revenge match.. If she's brave and foolhardy enough.. As Pixie puts it "All she has to do is look down to find me!"


Everyone loves one sided beatdowns but this time we bring you such a difference in height that you'll be amazed and intrigued as to what could a 5'0" Pixie do against a tall sexy 5'11" Sonia.. You'll have to watch the video to find out. This one is for the books!!


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