LF177 - MISS JADE'S CRUSH - featuring Ema vs Miss Jade

39 Minutes of BBW Bone Crushing Squash fighting against smaller skinny victim..

Ema has been through a lot of wars here but nothing compared to what she's going to encounter when our newest BBW "Miss Jade" shows up! Miss Jade isn't the shy type and she's used to pushing her weight around and wastes no time in establishing her presence on the mats when Ema won't move over. It doesn't take long to discover that once again Ema is going to be on the bottom end of this beat down in more ways than she ever thought possible as BBW Miss Jade uses all her assets on Ema.. on her chest, on her face, all over Ema. After a while, Miss Jade takes a keen liking to Ema and puts the moves to make Ema her girlfriend, whether the masked girl wants to be or not. Its not like Ema will have much choice as Miss Jade dominates and humiliates the hell out of Ema before Miss Jade has her ways with her hapless victim.

Ema is on the mats stretching and getting ready for her match against the new girl, Miss Jade. Never having met before, Miss Jade is surprised at how 'minute' Ema actually is and quickly realizes how much of a push over the masked girl is going to be. Used to getting her way, Miss Jade starts crowding Ema to get off the mats so she could start her pre-fight stretching. Ema, usually always on the receiving end of a lot of beat downs around here, doesn't want to give Miss Jade the wrong impression that she's a floor mat around here. But once Miss Jade grabs a hold of Ema, this is exactly what Ema becomes: A floor mat under Miss Jade dominating ass. Quickly taking control of her smaller opponent, Miss Jade enjoys the fact that she literally outweighs her victim by a huge margin, 2 to 1.


Miss Jade is easily able to get Ema in various holds by sheer strength alone but has more fun sitting on her little victim girl, pressing her heavy weight down on Ema, crushing the breath out of her. Grimacing as she tries to catch her breath, poor Ema is squashed under her opponent's massive weight, and can barely break out to set up a defense in order to try and survive this match. It doesn't take Miss Jade long to realize how much she dominates over Ema that she's able to play cat and mouse with her helpless and outweighed victim. Miss Jade crushes Ema while sitting on her, laying on top of Ema, rolling her weight up and down Ema's tortured body, causing Ema's face to turn red with the heavy pressure on her whole body.


After a while, Miss Jade really takes a liking at how Ema squirms under her ass and wants to make Ema her girlfriend, taunting her of what's to come at the end of the match. Horrified, Ema tries her best to escape her fate but to no avail as Miss Jade uses all of her lovely assets to pin and crush her unlucky and unwilling victim under her large BBW frame. Terrified but helpless, Ema struggles as best as she can under all of Miss Jade's immense weight but she simply can't get away. All the hair pulling, breast squeezing and bitch slapping gets Ema no where except fueling Miss Jade's desires to squash the hell out of her new victim.

After a long painful crushing match, Ema is so weak she can't offer any resistance as Miss Jade has total control over the flattened Ema. And with the final long face sit, Ema is put out hard, leaving her as a broken and crushed victim. Miss Jade's crush comes to the forefront as she asks us to leave her to her work, alone, with her new crush.. Poor Ema. Miss Jade is here to stay, and she's got a crush on several of the veteran Ladyfist Girls. Ema was but just the first in what we foresee as being a long list of crushed and flattened victims...

Many of our fans have been asking for BBW squash fight videos.. and now your wait is over as gorgeous Miss Jade arrives on the scene. The sexy girl simply loves to face sit her victims, laying her full crushing weight on their bodies, humiliating her victims, dominating them with all her weight. Poor Ema only got but a taste of what is to come around here.

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