LF176 - CHEAP SHOT CHEAP BITCH - featuring Pixie & Ema

38 brutal Minutes of vicious one sided crotch kicking, stomping, punching, and destruction mayhem!

Last week, during one of our typical photo shoots, Pixie and Ema were not getting along well. Ema kept trying to hurt Pixie on the sly causing the little red head to yell at her. The photographer was getting quite annoyed as he knew this was going to be a long night if those two hell cats didn't learn to play well together, at least long enough to get the photos done. But when Ema pushed Pixie once too often, the raven haired Ema takes a vicious punch to the crotch, knocking the breath out of her, and marks the beginning of one of the most brutal and sadistic crotch destruction beatdowns seen in ages. When Pixie gets infuriated, she's hell bent to kick the living crotch out of poor Ema. This beat down will make you cringe as Pixie wasn't pulling any of her kicks or stomps and ended up injuring her foot in the process of this video.. not as injured as Ema's battered crotch mind you, but still.. ouch.

As the photographer was trying to set up each photo, he'd give instructions to Ema to hold Pixie this way or that way and to give a gentle tug on Pixie's hair, just to capture her reaction on photo. But Ema, being the instigator that she is, decides to play games and give Pixie a real yank of the hair. Not impressed with Ema's games, Pixie warns her to wise up or pay the price. After a few more of these photo setups, both Ema and Pixie are arguing so much that the frustrated photographer leaves the studio and the girls are on their own. Just as Ema starts to trash talk Pixie about being such a wimp, Pixie fires off a vicious punch to Ema's crotch that catches the masked girl by surprises and sends her crashing to the mats. From here on out, Pixie sets forth to show Ema why the little red head is NOT to be fucked around with, or else there is hell to pay. Before Ema can get one word out edge wise, she's brutally kicking in the crotch, sending her in a huge heap of pain on the mats.


Pixie is no longer interested in hearing anything Ema has to say, no begging, whining or pleading is going to change anything as Pixie assaults poor Ema with horrible kicks to the crotch, nailing her square on, with full force, right on the crotch. Poor Ema, her body wracked with pain with each shocking kick, reels from side to side as Pixie sets forth to destroy her antagonist once and for all. Poor Ema, dazed and in a lot of pain, is KO'd by Pixie with a Hand Over Mouth move, is laid out unconscious, spread eagled and cruelly exposed to Pixie field goal kick between the uprights to wake her victim up. Can you imagine how brutally painful that must be to be awaken in such a manner? Cruel!


Kicked, stomped, ground with the heel and punched in the crotch, Ema is barely cognizant of what Pixie sets her up for with each round of attack. Heel kicks to the cruelly exposed crotch, knees driven deep into Ema's battered crotch. Pixie nails Ema repetitively until the poor masked girl can barely stand long enough to take a forearm swing up between the legs that sends her crashing to the mats, only to be yanked up to her feet again for one more shot. Down and on her back, Ema cannot deflect any of the shots Pixie delivers with cruel precision between the legs, square on the crotch. Convulsing in pain, Ema is out cold once again, and propped in a sitting position against the wall where Pixie once again wakes her victim with a most vicious and cruel kick to the crotch.

And if that wasn't all bad enough, Pixie decides that she's tired of forcing Ema's legs apart in order to kick her. The sadistic little red head rigs a pole to keep Ema's legs separated which leaves her helplessly exposed to Pixie's now unhindered kicks to the crotch. Bruised, battered and destroyed, Ema's body convulses with each deliberately delivered kick and stomp to her crotch.

Pixie had hammered Ema's crotch with her foot so much during this beat down that her foot turns all read and suffers blistered from all the repetative kicks and stomps. Though in pain, Pixie's wounds are nothing compared to what Ema will feel for the next few days if not weeks. Poor Ema.. will she ever be the same again? Suffice to say I don't think Ema will want to work with Pixie again on future photoshoots. Its simply TOO dangerous and painful.

For all you one sided beat down fans and fanatical crotch destruction fans, this is the one video you'll not want to miss. Full contact crotch destruction will make you wince..

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