LF173 - TALENT SHOWDOWN - featuring Gypsy vs Taylor (Custom Video)

36 Minutes of back and forth brutal fighting with a one sided beat down finish magic act..

We're back once again with another Talent Show Contest and this year, Taylor and Gypsy get riled up over who will be in which act. While Taylor showed up with a simple rope trick, Gypsy went all out and brought out the fun "Saw the lady in half" trick with straight jacket. When Taylor inquires who the victim will be, she's not happy to hear that Gypsy intends for Taylor to be that very special victim. When Taylor declines, she soon finds out she's not being 'asked' to be the victim, she's going to be the victim whether she likes it or not. And thus begins the battle to avoid being the unfortunate victim of Gypsy evil magic act.

When Taylor shows up backstage to the talent show, she's a little puzzled at the odd contraption laying on the floor.. Gypsy comes in and explains to Taylor just exactly what it is and what it's used for. When Taylor asks who the 'lady" will be, she's not happy to hear that Gypsy intends to use Taylor as the victim, even if Taylor isn't willing. Before she knows what's happening, Taylor is brutally brought down to the mats where Gypsy tries to subdue her opponent enough so she can put her in the magic act contraption.


Though Gypsy thought she could take down her smaller opponent with ease, Taylor proves to be a lot tougher than anticipated. Belly punches fly, breast mauling and hair pulling mark the violent attacks that goes back and forth until Gypsy gets Taylor in a hold and beats her down to weaken her opponent down enough to subdue her. But Taylor refuses to stay down, she's not giving up without a fight. Gypsy manages to get her opponent in various holds but one lucky shot allows Taylor to give Gypsy a taste of her own medicine. Camel clutches, breast mauling, vicious belly punching, and hair pulling allows Taylor to take advantage of her taller foe. Add a near KO by choking Gypsy with a bikini top, Taylor dominates her red haired opponent, humiliating her with a forced wedgie. But nothing is as humiliating as being face sat by a defiant Taylor.

But after a vicous belly punching session on Gypsy, Taylor is too cocky to realize the taller girl is now primed and enraged and with a swift punch to the crotch, the tables are turned and Taylor now suffers the consequences of her follies. Never play with your fallen victim, put her out for good or else pay the price, and that price is mighty steep as Taylor will soon find out. Gypsy takes her time to torture her smaller victim, camel clutches and surfbaords stretches her victim out, weakening her with every passing minute. And after what seems like an eternity of punishement, Taylor is KO by Gypsy.. If Taylor thought the previous brutality was vicious, she hasn't seen anything yet!

When Taylor awakens, she finds herself done up in Gypsy's dreaded leather straight jacket, arms caught up, breasts and belly cruelly exposed, and Gypsy, ready to deliver the beating Taylor so desperately deserves. Brutal belly punches, punishing breast and nipple mauling, sadistic figure 4 leg locks and horrible crotch shots are all viciously delivered to a defenseless and sobbing Taylor. After a long and painful ordeal, Taylor is put out cold by Gypsy's Sleeper hold. You'd think this is where the terror would end, but no. Gypsy still has to show us her magic act and reveals a sleeping Taylor trapped in the saw stock, ready to be sawn in half!!

Insane with sheer terror, Taylor tries to shriek out but her pleas fall on deafears as the saw cuts mercilessly across the magic act. You'll have to see the video to find out how the act finishes off. ;)

This is a vicious beat down video for all you fans out there. Brutal belly punches, hair pulling and general all around mayhem will certainly leave you satisfied.

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