LF168 - JEZABEL'S BEATDOWN - featuring Pixie vs Jezabel Knight

31 Minutes of one side beatdown featuring belly punches, back breakers and breast mauling and various KOs...

Femfightbound's Jezabel Knight steps up to the plate to face off against Ladyfist's pit bull in dreads, Pixie. Displaying a lack of respect for Pixie's abilities and skills, Jezabel bitch slaps Pixie which sends the petite red head in a maliciously sadistic tirade of brutal and cruel punishment to teach the sexy Jezabel a lesson in respect and humility..and humiliation. Crushing Jezabel's breasts, pounding her tight belly, yanking back on her hair and trying to snap her supple spine, Pixie isn't out just for the win, she's out to brutalize and destroy this upstart of a girl, once and for all..

Jezabel fears no one as she steps up to Pixie and delivers an insulting bitch slap to the experienced fighter girl. Shocked that someone would be so fool hardy, Pixie lunges at Jezabel to take her down to the mats and start delivering the brutal punishment that we all know is due to come. Dropping fists and knees to Jezabel's belly to weaken the beautiful girl, Pixie sets up her victim for compromising positions that well leave Jezabel's belly exposed for vicious belly punching. Try as she may, Jezabel can't seem to shake off the little red head, even by yanking on her dreads. But once caught between Pixie's powerful thighs and crushed, the air is taken out of Jezabel and she's now prime for the beating of a lifetime.


Jezabel remains defiant however, trash talking back at Pixie while being beaten. After a short back breaker, Jezabel realizes she has to do something or this is going to be one hell of a bad day for her but what offense she mounts, Pixie is quick to take it apart and set Jezabel up for punishment. Going after Jezabel's gorgeous breasts and tight belly, Pixie plans on taking her opponent apart one punch and kick at a time. Try as she may, poor Jezabel can't do much about it but endure the onslaught as Pixie makes an example out of the petite girl.


Weakened and battered, poor Jezabel is sat on and pinned, leaving her belly exposed to brutal belly punches and breast mauling as Pixie exacts her sadistic punishment on her victim. Managing to break free, Jezabel gets up to her feet to try one more desperate attempt to take down the little red head but to no avail, Pixie is just too strong at this point and takes Jezabel down for more punishment. Every time Pixie releases Jezabel, it's the same thing; Jezabel foolishly tried to attack but is taken down every time. Pixie's tiny little fists dig in deep with each punch to Jezabel's belly, hurting the poor girl with each strike.

At one point, Pixie accidentally KO's her opponent, leaving Jezabel rag dolled limp. What to do now? Only one way to properly wake up a deserving victim, a vicious stomp to the crotch! What a way to wake up from a KO. But Jezabel's nightmare is only now really starting to become a real nightmare as Pixie puts on the most crippling of holds.. Locking Jezabel in a torturous Figure 4 Leg lock, Pixie sadistically relentlessly tortures her victim's legs. Then, draping the weakened girl across her knee, Pixie delivers blow after vicious blow to Jezabel's exposed and stretched belly.


Dropping her victim on the mats, Pixie straddles Jezabel once again and beats down on her belly before putting her out with a tight cobra clutch. Weakened, Jezabel goes out quickly and is hard to revive even with a vicious hair yank.. But once up, Jezabel's back is tortured once again, stretched and bent before being put out with a viciously solid Sleeper Hold. A vicious punch to the belly wakes her victim as Pixie sets her up for a viciously brutal bow and arrow back breaker. From here onwards, Jezabel's back is viciously brutalized as Pixie goes to work on destroying her defiant little victim's back.

The end finally comes for Jezabel as Pixie puts the poor girl out with a forced face sit, knowing how much Jezabel hates this traditional Femfightbound move. But it's just not quite over for the poor girl yet, Pixie wants to make sure that Jezabel remembers who the toughest of the tough actually is. With vicious fists to the abs, Jezabel is awakened and then set upon once again with a HOM KO as Pixie sits on Jezabel's chest.. Out like a light, poor Jezabel lays beaten, battered and utterly destroyed. Perhaps NOW she'll respect Pixie's abilities.. if not, it may well happen again.

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LF168 is certainly going to appeal to all who love a vicious one sided beatdown which includes brutal belly punching, spine cracking back breakers, and various other punishing holds.

You're going to LOVE this video!

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