LF164 - RIVALS FACE OFF - featuring Milena vs Pixie

32 Minutes of competitive match seeking most submissions within 30 mins.

This is a match long in the making where tough gal Milena from www.femfightbound.com had been desperately wanting to face off against Pixie from ladyfist.com.. Milena had heard so much about Pixie's victory streak here at Ladyfist so that when she heard she would have a chance to square off against the little red head in dreads, Milena jumped at the occasion to put the little pit bull from Ladyfist in her place once and for all, and do it on Pixie's preferred medium, the mats. None of this bed top stuff.. No scripts, all action, all submissions to the finish.. One girl has all the skills, the other has all the strength. Which of these two fierce competitors will persevere and get the most submissions to emerge victorious and walk away with the bragging rights..

Milena has never engaged in a competitive match before so she was looking forward to pitting her strengths against Pixie's skills. She figured she would learn as she goes. Not a big girl, Milena's small size belies her incredible strength and ability to withstand a lot of pain. So when she faced off with Pixie, this was going to be a stroll through uncharted territory for both girls. Milena loves roughing it up but none of the Femfightbound girls could take her down, so Milena felt she needs to face off against Ladyfist's best grappler to see what it was all about. Fair enough..

Both girls lock up quickly in the match, going for the test of strength, chest to chest, trying to push the other over to gain control, which Pixie does easily enough and gets the little blond girl trapped between her powerful thighs and after a painful session of mutual hair pulling and positioning, Pixie gets Milena caught in a solid neck triangle choke with her legs but the slippery Milena manages to eventually break free of this tight and potentially submission hold. Back and forth they go, Pixie's skills prevent Milena from gaining any advantage while Milena's incredible strength holds Pixie back from getting an early win.


Clearly frustrate with Milena's abilities to fend off any of her attacks, Pixie carefully positions herself to finally secure a crushing body scissors on Milena to get the first submission. Never having been scissored before, Milena is surprised at how crushing it can be and now has better respect for what that hold can do but you can see later in the match that she hasn't quite figured out the 'finesse' of the hold well enough to secure a submission from her rival Pixie. But it doesn't take Milena long to manage to get a submission out of Pixie with a hammerlock hold from behind, causing Pixie to tap out lest she suffer an injury.. Taking a few seconds to recuperate, Pixie launches another attack but this time Milena is better prepared to fend off what Pixie has to offer. Still trying to use her legs to squeeze Pixie, but not well enough, Milena hangs on tight to her opponent, often grabbing for the breasts and latching onto Pixie's dreads. Both girls go back and forth exchanging positions until Pixie once again secures another submission by scissoring Milena across the waist. Milena knows what the scissors can do and she's quick to submit in order to be able to last through the whole match.. You can tell Milena is very impressed by Pixie's abilities to squeeze her hard and get a submission but this doesn't stop the little girl from trying her best to get one on the red head in dreads.


Pixie doesn't only rely on her legs to take down Milena, she throws in a few choke holds and gets her opponent to tap out. Obviously, Milena has never been put in choke or sleeper holds before and she's at first puzzled at what Pixie is doing but is very quick to submit once Pixie cranks on the pressure.. Though Milena is on the short end of the submissions count, this doesn't discourage the petite blonde at all. Her strength is readily apparent when she forces Pixie onto her back and actually forces herself up onto Pixie for a full face sit smother a la Femfightbound style, but Pixie manages to eventually roll out of it. More sure of herself now, Milena manages to straddle and then face sit Pixie a second time and secures herself a tap out submission from Pixie. Now that's showing her how it's done, for real!

A lot of hair pulling on Milena's part really starts to take it's toll on Pixie's scalp. Milena, new at this competitive style, is a quick learner and quickly makes use of all she has available to her and to what ever she can reach on her opponent, be it hair, breast or limbs. Imagine this girl with some grappling skills!! Pixie is able to hold her own against Milena but at great exhaustion and peril, she's not ready to lose this match to a topless tart like Milena so the little red head pit bull perseveres and presses on with the attacks to gain as many submissions as possible before the time limit runs out. Milena is very cautious of Pixie's powerful scissors and now avoids being crushed by submitting early before Pixie can apply full pressure, but seeing the time limit creeping up, Milena fight back hard to stave off the last scissoring attempt by Pixie, rolling to one side or the other but Pixie manages to pull her down and crush the breath out of Milena for the final submission.


After the match, both girls are at opposite ends of the mat, pulling out the loose strands of hair from their heads, victim of vicious hair pulling.. But Milena, knowing she lost the match, decides to piss off Pixie by showing her the large tufts of red hair on the mats, asking if Pixie wants it back. Angered, Pixie doesn't take shit from no one and launches in at Milena one last time to bitch slap her back into her proper place.. Unfortunately, the camera man has to break this unscheduled round up before someone got seriously hurt.

For all those who absolutely love a great unscripted competitive match, you'll want to check this one out. Non-stop action by two fiercely competitive antagonists from start to finish.


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