LF155 - HUMILIATED & DEFEATED - featuring Raven vs Taylor

36 Minutes of REAL unscripted competitive match action resulting in a humiliation finish

Raven is back again and this time she's facing Taylor in their first competitive fight match. Totally unscripted and all real action, these two ladies throw caution to the wind and lunge at each other with all they have looking to get as many submissions as possible. One girl gets frustrated that she's unable to stand up to her adversary and breaks down crying after her first submission, and later resorts to hidden dirty tactics which sends Raven flying off the handle at the end of the match. Raven's a nice gal but man, she really got pissed at the end and made sure Taylor would never forget what happened. We're not sure if Taylor will be back after that humiliating finish, it was vicious and nasty. This match exemplifies why we don't like doing real comp matches around here... people get hurt, people get abused..

When Taylor heard of the Ema vs Pixie comp match, she really wanted to try her hand at it and we matched her up against veteran fighter Raven. Though Raven is taller, we felt they would be evenly matched anyway. Taylor went into this match quite tentative while Raven jumped into it as something new to try. As soon as the action started, we could easily tell that Taylor was out matched and was suffering at the short end of the stick as Raven was able to control her opponent. We could sense that Taylor was having a lot of trouble fending off Raven's attacks and was almost near panic but she manages to hold off the masked girl as best as she could. Taking a lot of bitch slaps to her soft belly, Taylor didn't like being abused as such and started aiming slaps to raven's face which wasn't appreciated and earned Taylor a few in return. But it's when Raven managed to get her long gorgeous legs around Taylor that the darker haired haired girl found herself in a panic when the python thighs crushed against her ribs. Quickly tapping out, poor Taylor was suddenly over taken by embarrassment and humiliation of having lost so easily that she broke out sobbing uncontrollably.. (watch Raven as she disengages from Taylor, caught off guard at Taylor's outburst...)


We gave Taylor enough time to compose herself before going at it again. Give her a lot of credit, Taylor wasn't ready to quit the match yet as she now had a lot to prove and she dove it full force against Masked Raven as they locked up again. Taylor catches Raven in a harsh face sit pin, slapping away at the taller girl's breasts before Raven could escape out the back.. Raven used a lot of breast smothering as a tactic to tire out her adversary, knowing Taylor is a heavy smoker, she thought she'd be able to tire her out quicker this way. Desperation sets in on Taylor as she's always on the losing end of a slap fest exchange with Raven, the slaps to her belly and sides start to take their toll as she winces at each hit. When Raven discovers that Taylor's breasts are very sensitive, she makes them her primary target and mauls away at them when ever she can, inflicting a lot of pain on her opponent. Taylor manages to get quite a few vicious face slaps in on Raven but soon finds herself on the receiving end of more punishment as Raven retaliates.


Taylor is desperate to find something that will work to save her from another submission but unfortunately she succumbs yet again to Raven's superiority.. When they square off again, Raven realizes that Taylor might be in 'instinctual mode' as the auburn haired girl has her fists clenched and Raven is unsure if Taylor is ready to lose the bubble and might actually try to punch her in the face.. But luckily, Taylor is able to maintain her composure and only slaps Raven to the face. After another violent flurry of entanglement, Taylor manages to catch Raven between her thighs and is able to apply a crushing submission scissors to her opponent. Raven gets the wind knocked out of her and tries to catch her breath as she crawls away from Taylor.. That was a close call! Taylor discovers she's got strong powerful crushing thighs.. much to Raven's dismay.

When they lock up again, neither is willing to give an inch to the other, and though Taylor gained a level of confidence with that last submission win, she steps up her game and foolishly pushes the rules. We're not sure what exactly happened during the latter part of the match but obviously Taylor did something that Raven took huge offense to, and Raven lost the proverbial bubble and lashed out against Taylor in a manner we were not prepared for. Because this is a totally unscripted match, without predetermination of ending or winner, Raven's actions left us speechless and appalled! After catching Taylor in a brutal body scissors, Raven torques back on Taylor's arm demanding her submission, but Taylor refuses in spite of the excruciating pain in her arm. Finally, Taylor submits but that's not the end of her humiliating nightmare.. Raven, enraged over what ever it was (neither girl will tell what transpired to cause this vicious ending), screams at Taylor to kiss her feet or suffer another beating.. All Taylor can think off is getting off the mats and away from Raven, looking at us to save her but we weren't sure how this ending was playing out.. Raven, who is typically a sweet heart of a lady, furiously and sadistically forces Taylor to kiss her feet as her final mark of submission and humiliation..


It wasn't until Raven tossed her winter clothes on and stormed out of the studio that we fully realized that something transpired waaaay out of the ordinary.. Defeated, humiliated and hurt, Taylor cleaned herself up, got dressed and left the fight studio sobbing uncontrollably.. I don't think Taylor will be wanting to try another unscripted competitive match again in the near future.. she took a brutal beating by Raven.

Fans and Members have been clamoring to see more Real Unscripted Competitive matches from us, and this is what you get, real raw emotions, vicious retaliation and sadistic humiliation.. All real, all unscripted..


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