LF147 - TAYLOR'D BEATDOWN - featuring Pixie vs Taylor

32 minutes of intense one on one fighting, scissoring, breast mauling and camel clutches.

The new girl Taylor steps up to face Pixie, Ladyfist's dangerous little vixen. New to the roster, 5'6" Taylor has it in her head that not only can she beat her smaller opponent but make Pixie suffer and take her rightful place back down into the Jobber Girl category, where so many think she belongs. But never fear, the red head in dreads isn't going anywhere and in keeping with the old adage of "Go BIG or Stay Home", Pixie tears a strip off of Taylor in so many sadistic ways, not sparing the new girl ANY of her evil ways. Poor Taylor never saw this coming in her wildest dreams!

Taylor shows up on our mats one day during Fall Tryouts with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm for fighting. She's been a long time fan of the site and decided she really wanted to get her hands on our favourite little fighter, Pixie. Taylor always felt that there was no way Pixie shouldn't be a Jobber Girl and wanted to be THE girl to put the red head in dreads back into that role. But Pixie, crafty and devious as ever, wasn't ready to simply roll over and be sent back down the ranks. When Taylor came on strong, Pixie planned to knock the new girl down a few rungs and ring her bell.

Though size usually is an advantage in this game, it means nothing unless you have the skills to back it up and it was quickly apparent that Taylor lacked a lot of skills to tackle the likes of Pixie. Though she pushed back hard, Taylor was no match for the petite red head as Taylor suffered rib crushing scissors and spine cracking camel clutches. To compound her humiliation, Pixie went to town on Taylor's breasts, mauling away at them with her powerful little fingers. She has a powerful grip and those tiny fingers dig deep!


No matter what she tried, Taylor really couldn't mount much of a retaliation against her smaller adversary. Though she might get the occasional elbow or punch to the belly, Taylor wasn't able to put Pixie out of commission long enough to mount any amount of attack. But all she did end up doing is infuriating the petite red head, and we know what happens then! It doesn't take long before Taylor is exhausted and runs out of gas and is in total survival mode. There is no question of "if" she is going to lose this match but how badly she is going to lose and how much it's going to hurt.


Pixie learned the fine art of grappling and scissoring while she's been on the roster and she puts those skills to work as she locks poor Taylor in her anaconda like scissors. Yanking on Taylor's hair, bending the poor gasping girl backwards, Pixie helps herself to a couple of handfuls of Taylor's abused breasts as Pixie mauls away at them. Taylor, sobbing and whimpering in pain, take a vicious kick to the crotch and the fight is soon out of her, all she wants to do is get off the mats and away from Pixie. Oh but it's not that easy around here.. Pixie not only wants to beat the new girl down, oh no, that's too easy.. Pixie wants to humiliate the hell out of Taylor so she'll think twice before trying to come back for revenge..


Try as she may, helpless Taylor takes one beating after another, howling in pain and trying to escape this hell called "Pixie".. Punched, bent and crushed, poor Taylor can't even think straight.. Out of breathe, gasping for breath, Taylor can't escape and is doomed to suffer more brutal punishment from Pixie.


In the end, Pixie has indeed made her point and is well satisfied that Taylor might have learned her lesson.. Though Taylor clearly submits to Pixie, the little red head decides it's not good enough so she parks her ass on Taylor's face as the final act of humiliation that Taylor has to suffer before she's allowed to scamper away, defeated and humiliated beyond belief. Poor Taylor.. it didn't quite turn out the way she thought it would.. but then, around here, it seldom ever does..


Mostly unscripted, there is a lot of real antagonistic action immersed in this viciously brutal beatdown video, showing fierce scissors, camel clutches, breast mauling, hair pulling and belly punching.. Pixie, though one of the smallest girls on the roster, shows us why it's dangerous challenging the wrong girl!! One sided beatdown fans will really love the fast paced action of this video featuring our newest and sexiest girl, Taylor. We hope she survives well enough to come back for more!!


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