LF146 - BELLY BUTTON TAG - featuring Pixie vs Absynthe

33 minutes of brutal, vicious and vicious back and forth belly punching...

Both Absynthe and Pixie were set up to 'break in' a new girl this evening but when the newbie failed to show, this left our veteran fighter girls quite frustrated! So they took it out on each other, quite literally. While Pixie is doing her pre-fight stretches, the rebellious Absynthe drops in a sneak attach to Pixie's vulnerably exposed belly with a big fist, sending the petite red head crashing to the mats. And thus starts the most punishing and sadistic belly button tag war we've seen in a long time. No script, just wild hatred as both girls battle it out to the bitter end where hopefully one will emerge victorious.

Pixie and Absynthe have been chomping at the bit for someone new to beat down and when the 'newbie' failed to show up, all hell broke loose. Absynthe, being the typical snot nosed instigator amongst our group of girl fighters, took it upon herself to set Pixie up for a cheap shot as the fiery red head was doing her bridge arching exercises. Crashing to the floor, Pixie didn't waste time returning the favour onto Absynthe with a well placed fist right smack dab in the belly button! Down goes Absynthe and the war begins.

Wrestling each other for superior positioning, one girl ends up pinning her opponent's arms out of the way, leaving her beautiful belly button dangerous vulnerable to punches which her opponent is more than happy to oblige. Tagging each other deep into the belly button, you can hear the thud and smacks of fist hitting gorgeous belly buttons.


Taking big shots to the belly, both girls soon realize what kind of fight this is going to turn into, a contest of will power and pain tolerance.. and stamina as they lunge after each other time and time again, gaining the advantage long enough to inflict additional punishment to the other's belly before being tossed off or pushed away. Grabbing the hair to yank her victim around, each girl fight hard to get into position to lay her opponent wide open for more grueling belly shots.



Fist after fist slam into belly buttons in this cruel contest of domination to see who can withstand the most belly punches. Who ever gains the advantage and is able to position her opponent just right will get a chance to land more hits in order to weaken her opponent before they can retaliate with any amount of force. Double axe handles, knee lifts and stomps to the guts shows how determined these girls are to take down their opponent..


While most of the battle is very much a back and forth exchange of brutal belly punches, Absynthe appears to have gotten a huge advantage over Pixie when she's able to trap the red head in a backwards arm trap, leaving her belly and breasts wide open to attack. Dropping huge hits to the belly, Absynthe steps it up a notch with a grinding foot to the crotch, leaving poor Pixie writhing in pain. Acting up in front of the camera to show off her weakened victim, Absynthe gets caught with a horrific upper arm shot to the crotch that drops the petite brunette to the mats, allowing Pixie the opportunity to return the favour by assaulting Absynthe belly while her arms are trapped under her body.


The previous pounding Pixie took from Absynthe eventually takes it toll. Even though the red head straddles her trapped victim, Pixie shows exhaustion as she pummels and brutalizes Absynthe with deep penetrating punching to the belly button and lower bread basket. Double axe handles, clawing, jamming her fingers into Absynthe belly button, anything to make the little girl scream in pain. Eventually, after a long and brutal attack on Absynthe's belly, Pixie has to roll off to catch her breath.. Absynthe, hurt, battered and in fear of a return attack, feebly attempts a punch to Pixie's belly. Though it's a weak punch, the damage has already been done and Pixie can barely fend off the hit. But Absynthe isn't in any better state as both girls bravely attempt to continue the attack but can barely stay upright, almost as if they were drunk with pain, unable to stay down, unable to push forward until finally, both girls go down for the count, belly up and out.


Belly Punching fans, this is the ONE video you'll not want to miss. A deep down vicious rivalry has existed between these two girls and it explodes like never before in this video. A great battle right up to the very end.


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