LF142 - 'ABS'SOLUTE LOSER - featuring Pixie vs Raven - Custom Video

45 minutes of back and forth brutal and vicious belly punching until one girl gets fed up and makes it a one sided belly beat down disaster for her opponent.

There has never been much love between petite red head Pixie and the Masked Raven who always looked down her elfish-sized opponent (her words, not mine). While working on her abs, Pixie is interrupted by Raven, who taunts the little girl. Finally fed up with her much taller opponent, Pixie challenges Raven to a belly punching contest, 3 rounds, 5 punches per session until a loser is determined, and will submit to being the winner's bitch for a whole month!! But try as she may, Pixie can't keep it clean and before the competition closes, she sneak attacks Raven with a sleeper hold. When Raven wakes up, she finds her arms tied up with her belly cruelly exposed for what Pixie really had in mind, a belly beat down.. all one sided.. and brutal!

Raven and Pixie agree to the terms of this competition. Three rounds: On their knees with arms above their heads, leaving the belly fully exposed, then on their back with arms above their heads and finally, up against the wall, arms above their heads, bellies cruelly vulnerable to attack and no rebound with a solid wall behind them. Each girl gets 5 punches each, and continue until one calls it off, submits or can't continue.

Pixie works out for a reason, she prepares herself for battle every day. Being so tiny, she needs all the help she can muster and we have to admit, all her hard work has paid off nicely, as she confidently takes down much larger opponents. But against Raven, this might be a different matter as the masked girl has a nasty and sadistic nature about her that adds cruelty to the punishment she inflicts on her victims. The girls set themselves up to start the competition. Pixie, with her tiny little rock hard fists, drills deep into Raven's gorgeous belly, causing her to gasp air. But she takes all five punches, as she knows she gets her turn as well and lays into Pixie's belly with her own fists, causing the poor red head to moan with pain. Back and forth they go until finally one of them has to call it off due to the pain inflicted.


Next, each girl takes a turn laying on the floor, belly exposed, arms above their head and the other dropping huge bombs into the other's belly. What sucks about this position is that you have no where to bend back to against the floor and the attacker can lay all her weight into her punch.. You can almost feel the fist hit the victim's spine at times. Back and forth they go, leaving welts and marks on their opponent's belly until once again, one of the girls has to submit as she can't handle all the punishment. Now that the competition is 1 for 1, the last segment will be the deciding factor, all the chips are on the table for this one. Pixie, having suffered greatly in this competition senses she may actually lose to Raven at this pace, especially after taking several deep hits to the abs. But slowly but surely, Raven rebounds and looks like she might lose herself. Its too close to call as to which of these determined ladies will emerge victorious!


Not leaving anything to fate, Pixie takes matters into her own hands and catches a surprised Raven in a vicious sleeper hold, putting the taller girl down. When Raven awakens, she finds her wrists are tied to her arms, leaving her already battered belly cruelly vulnerable to Pixie's malicious and evil intent. Unable to defend herself, Raven is assaulted and brutalized viciously by her red haired opponent, punches driving deep into her tortured belly, leaving the poor girl gasping her submission, begging for the torture to end..


Pixie is quite feared and for good reason.. This little lady can pack a large punch with such tiny little fist. Opponents who underestimate Pixie soon discover, as Raven did, how vicious of a little hell cat she can be.

If Belly Punching is your thing, you're going to LOVE this video. Action packed, hard hitting from start to finish, this video will leave you rubbing your own belly in sympathy for the girls.


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