LF137 - Once and For All - featuring Absynthe vs Bunny - Custom Video

45 minutes of action, back and forth fighting with a long and prolonged face sitting theme..

Beautiful innocent and naive Bunny and her lecherously sleazy step sister Absynthe are toe to toe over who will be the sole beneficiary of their family's huge fortune and estates. Absynthe, who has the hots for her sexy step sister, has already made evil plans for her sister.. But Bunny has plans of her own.. Knowing Absynthe has the hots for her, she lures her lecherous sister to her home and sets the trap! But something goes wrong and Absynthe is now even more lecherous and sleazy and Bunny has to fight her roving hands and advances like never before! In desperation, Bunny discovers that by face sitting her step sister, no matter how revolting it is to her and pleasurable it is to Absynthe, the hold does hold her horny sister down. Though enjoying it at first, Absynthe soon discovers her innocent sister isn't so naive after all... and she's the one in peril!

Bunny has to play her hand carefully.. She's not as savvy as her step sister Absynthe, who is invited in for 'drinks' in hopes that she'll be able to be put away soon.. A little timid sexy dancing to put Absynthe at ease seems to work and yes, soon enough, Absynthe goes down like a ton of bricks! Unfortunately, something went wrong and when Absynthe wakes up, she's groggy as hell and even more hornier for her step sister and she's not shy about it at all. Bunny has to try hard to fend off Absynthe's lecherous advances, as she clumsily paws at Bunny's lovely breasts and delicious ass. Grossed out by being touched by her own step sister, Bunny tries everything to get out from Absynthe's grasps but to no avail..

Absynthe is so single minded in her quest to have her step sister in evil ways, she doesn't mind when Bunny tries one hold after another until finally she finds that face sitting her step sister actually does hold her down well enough. But Absynthe is too sleazy to appreciate the peril she's in and goes for the gusto, enjoying every moment of being under her step sister.. almost like a dream come true!

As much as she's enjoying herself, Absynthe doesn't realize how much danger she's actually is in. As Bunny squirms and wriggles to hold her step sister down, she's making it very difficult for Absynthe to breathe, to such the extent that after a long and trying stretch of face sitting, Absynthe starts to panic for the lack of breath and inability to breathe properly. The more Absynthe panics, the more Bunny enjoys her new position of dominating her evil lecherous step sister.

Right up to the bitter and cruel end, Bunny basks in the new feeling of finally being able to dominate her step sister, the same girl who made her life so miserable for all those years.. until finally, it's all over.. Absynthe is done, just what Bunny needed in order to make her go away from her life, once and for all.. No more!

Face sitting fans will love this video. Bunny had never face sat anyone before this scene and watching her learn as she goes along with the scenes and then finally getting the hang of it.. and then enjoy the domination aspect of this hold, its a pleasure to watch. Absynthe's new role as a lecherous bitch will impress her jobber girl fans to the end. This is a video you'll not want to miss!


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