LF132 - Go Big or Stay Home - featuring Pheonix vs Pystole

38 minutes of vicious hair pulling, scissoring and belly punching with a humiliating finish

5'6" red haired Pheonix isn't impressed with her diminutive opponent Pystole, who barely makes it to the 5'0" mark. When challenged, Pystole tells Pheonix she should 'go big or stay home' and the war is on! Though she is tiny, Pystole packs one hell of a punch and when trapped, she's best described as an enraged wolverine. So even if you think you have her in your grasp, she can easily turn on you and make you regret your move. However, Pheonix, being bigger and more experienced, figures she's got the advantage and this match should be a walk over. But petite Pystole isn't going down without a fight and will make her taller opponent pay for every inch of ground taken. This is one hell of a battle of attrition where only one will emerge victorious.


Right from the beginning the pace of the fight is set as both red heads lunge for the hair and the battle gets dragged down to the mats for a tug of war on the hair. Pheonix, with her powerful and sexy legs, manages to give Pystole a few good crushes with nicely executed scissors but the petite hell cat knows Pheonix`s two weakest points, and they are on her chest. Her hands may be tiny but Pystole`s talon like fingers dig deep into Pheonix`s flesh throughout the match, inflicting pain and suffering to the taller antagonist. When ever Pheonix think she`s got the advantage over Pystole, the little girl sneaks in a harsh yank of the hair or a vicious breast maul to make her larger opponent release the hold. A vicious back and forth battle of pain tolerance and tenacity ensues as Pystole fights for her very survival.


Pheonix isn't fooling around with Pystole, she's got a hate on for the little girl and she's wanting to make her pay for all the aggravation she's causing by not submitting during the match. A few belly punches here and there drains ever so more energy from Pystole, allowing Pheonix to slap her into some cruel holds, causing her victim to suffer even more. But when ever Pystole gets a chance, she goes for the hair and breasts and manages to survive a little bit longer as she inflicts serious pain to her larger opponent. By this time, Pheonix is infuriated that this match is taking much longer than anticipated and she goes all out hammering on her smaller opponent with kicks to the crotch and belly, head slams to the mat and vicious hair ripping pulls across the mats. Weakened and bruised, poor Pystole is beaten down inch by inch, bruise by bruise until finally, Pheonix is able to put her opponent out with a humiliating and crushing face sit. Looks like Pystole gets to stay home after this beat down.


LF132 is going to be appreciated by all hair pulling fans, and the one sided beat down fans alike. Back and forth action until finally Pystole is weakened and beaten down for the humiliating finish will make this video one you'll enjoy over and over again. Don't worry, Pystole will be back after her wounds heal.. Vengeance shall be her!


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