LF131 - Jobber Girl Wars II featuring Absynthe vs Pixie

35 minutes of Absynthe beating the living hell out of Pixie in a vicious one sided beatdown.. Revenge style!

Pixie is strutting tall and cocky after kicking the shit out Absynthe during their last encounter, she shows no fear or concern towards Absynthe. So when Absynthe challenges her to an "arching" competition, Pixie falls for the oldest trick in the book.. and Absynthe wrote the book! Wham and down goes Pixie, a vicious gut punch that knocks the breath and fight out of the red haired vixen. Now it's time for Absynthe to show the new upstart what it's really like to be a Jobber Girl around here.. Yeah so what if Pixie had a few wins under her belt recently, Absynthe is here to set the record straight and show everyone what Pixie really is.. a weak ass Jobber Girl.

Where as Pixie has a brutally devastating belly punching fist and anaconda like scissors, her repetoire of holds is still rather meek compared to what Absynthe has in her bag of tricks. After 3 years taking one beating after another, the petite Absynthe has learned quite a few nasty tricks and she's ready to show most of them to Pixie. Drilling her sharp fists deep into Pixie's belly is but a start as Absynthe yanks her petite victim around by her red dreadlocks and pins her down for a belly beating. Out of the bag of dirty tricks comes the cheap shot kicks to the crotch that literally knocks the wind out of Pixie's sails for the rest of the match. Absynthe suffered immensely in Pixie's scissors before but now it's time to show Pixie what real scissoring is all about. Crushing force on her ribs, Pixie struggles for every breath of air as Absynthe continues to brutalize her opponent..


Pixie has a strength advantage over Absynthe which is soon neutralized as Absynthe stomps and knee drops onto Pixie's limbs, leaving them rather numb and useless, allowing Absynthe to continue her vicious and sadistic attacks unhindered. But when Absynthe sticks the dreaded Figure Four Leg Lock on Pixie, the funbegins.. for Absynthe that is. Poor Pixie, trapped and tortured in this sadistically vicious hold can barely contain herself as her legs are being crippled. But to make matters worse, Absynthe suckers Pixie with fake concern in order to bitch-slap the red head while still caught in the hold. Brutal! After a while, Absynthe tires of the hold and switches over to more brutal belly punching and after softening up Pixie's abs, she now turns to her victim's lower back as she applies a vicious bow and arrow, pulling back on Pixie's arms and legs, stretching her belly outwards as her back is near the breaking point.. But it's when Absynthe sets Pixie into the horrific Camel Clutch that Pixie really finds out what back pain is truly all about. Vicious, sadistic and outright nasty, Absynthe sticks poor Pixie in one devastating hold after another.. and keeps up her continous non-stop trash talking banter. Absynthe is out to hurt and humiliate Pixie and she wants to make sure the little red head remembers it all.. Pay back is a bitch and her name is Absynthe!


Back cracking hold, neck crushing scissors and brutal belly punching pale in comparison to the crippling stomps to the limbs as Absynthe drops her heels and knees into Pixie's limbs rendering Pixie's extremities useless and leaving the poor girl unable to defend herself as Absynthe gleefully destroys her opponent.



You can love to hate her, or hate to love her, only Absynthe can be a real bitch as she beats down an opponent of equal size. As she remains in total control of the whole one sided beat down against Pixie, Absynthe is in her element as she literally destroys her opponent, humiliating her all the way to Absynthe's victory.

LF131 will certainly appeal to the one sided beat down fans who love belly punching, breast mauling, hair pulling, cheap shots, camel clutch and scissoring, just to mention but a few holds and moves Absynthe demonstrated to Pixie.. Now with one win apeice, will we see a 3rd match to finally decide who is best over all? Time will tell.. first, both girls must heal their wounds and see what happens next...


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