LF129 TIGRA COMPILATION - featuring Tigra vs Bobbie Blush, Nikki and Lily

38 minutes of Tigra's finest (and not so fine) moments from our Members Clips Area

WARNING: This Full Video Download is a COMPILATION Video of 5 video clips found in the MEMBERS Area of this web site from the previous years. If you are a MEMBER of LADYFIST you may already have seen these clips and are advised not to purchase this video, unless you want to, or need to. Now that you've read this warning, please continue.

All time favourite Ladyfist Jobber Girl title goes to none other that Tigra. This petite little red head won the hearts of some many fans in the past years, that they've asked for a compilation video of her fun moments with us from the past. Tiny as she was, Tigra had a toughness and a 'never say never' attitude that compelled her to try and win no matter what the costs, and she did it with her own style.. usually at a high price.

For all you Tigra fans out there, this video is for you!

This video is broken down from 5 different clips which appeared in our Members Area from the past. Tough Girl Bobbie Blush got her hands on Tigra a few times and though she manages to throw a lot of hurt to the little jobber girl, she sometimes finds herself on the receiving end of business as Tigra tries to establish her dominance over her slightly taller opponent. These two hell cats battle it out in the first two clips. Then Tigra faces off against dangerous tough girl Nikki. Though outclassed by the beautiful blonde fighter, Tigra manages to get a hold of Nikki's long thick and luscious hair in a feeble attempt of controlling her opponent but Tigra once again ends up getting slammed to the floor and hammered down by her tough opponent. Bobbie Blush gets another crack at her petite victim and this time she really tries to put Tigra down for good but it's a tough ride as sexy Bobbie goes in for the finisher that is sure to crack the helpless Jobber Girl's back! And finally but OH not so least, we have Tigra on Lily's back trying to cinch up a sleeper hold but unfortunately for Tigra, her opponent Lily is nastily tough and very powerful and manages to reverse the hold to drop Tigra hard onto the mats.

LF129 will certainly appeal to Tigra's fans.. Though she is no longer with us, this little Jobber Girl certainly did leave her mark on so many femfight fans.. and her opponents left their marks on poor little Tigra..


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