LF127 - Shadow Box Beatdown - featuring Pixie vs Pixie

32 minutes of Pixie getting her ass beaten down while shadow boxing, herself..

Pixie, feeling high about her recent wins decides that the only person worthy of fighter her.. is herself. We're not sure what she was thinking but when this tough little 5'0" red head decided to shadow box for her fans, she somehow ended up getting her ass beaten down, getting bruised and banged up in the process. Pixie would weave and duck, punch and jab, uppercuts and crosses and somehow gets tagged by her own shadow, dropping the little girl to the floor in a lump. When she gets up, the confused Pixie is sporting new bruises and lumps to her face. Back and forth Pixie battles her own shadow in this strange fight until finally, sweaty, bruised and exhausted, Pixies goes down for the count.. Yes, the only person worthy of beating down Pixie, is her own shadow.. Go figure.


Pixie starts off shadow boxing with her 16 oz gloves just like any other day but her shadow opponent has heavy gloves and manages to tag Pixie square in the face once in a while. Bruises and marks to her face start to appear soon after her session starts and Pixie is getting angry. She gets desperate at her swings trying to make contact with her opponent but always hits air while she takes vicious blows to the body and face. Her eye darkened, her cheeks reddened by repeated punches to the face.


Several hits sends Pixie crashing to the mats, but she always though barely manages to get back to her feet.. Punch drunk and unsteady on her feet, the little vixen refuses to go down for the count until finally she gets tagged by a brutally vicious cross to the chin that sends the pretty little girl flat on her back, chest heaving, glistening with her sweat.. out like a light.

LF127 is an entertaining video featuring the ever popular and talented Pixie. She's only 5'0" (she claims 5'1") but this young lady packs a lot of talent and is sure to entertain you with her shadow boxing beatdown video. She thought she was all that tough but ended up kicking her own ass to the mat.. Go figure.. I'm waiting for this little upstart to get her just deserts and a proper Jobber Girl beatdown.. soon..