LF126 - Prize Fight - featuring Pixie vs Pheonix

34 minutes of unscripted scissoring, hair pulls, belly punches mayhem to determine a winner.

After her stunning win over street fighter Pystole, Jobber Girl Pixie is jubilant and on a feel good high after finally making her mark (on Pystole's body) over her tougher and often bigger opponents. As she's bragging to her fans about her never going to be a jobber girl again, Pixie is rudely interrupted by Pheonix. With her thick red hair, this gorgeous 5'6" hell cat wants to show Pixie the error of her ways. Determined not to lose another match, Pixie attacks Pheonix and the two girls brawl it out to a conclusive end. Vicious and brutal, neither women wanted to lose and both wanted to win.

We took the measuring tape out on Pixie and discovered she barely clears the 5 ft mark.. But after she beat down her smaller yet extremely dangerous opponent Pystole, our intrepid little Jobber Girl feels she no longer has to sport that moniker anymore. Jobber Girls don't win all their matches and lately, Pixie has defied all odds and has taken down all her recent opponents in these series of unscripted matches. No more will she take a beat down for anyone! Especially some big haired bimbos like Pheonix. Of course, this infuriated Pheonix and the fight was on. No sooner was Pixie in the middle of her interview after her last fight that Pheonix jumps in and shoves her smaller opponent and all hell breaks loose.

With her thick deep luscious red hair being one of Pheonix's many assets, it's also one of her greatest liability, one which Pixie never hesitates to take advantage of when she fight back and tries to control her opponent. Though Pheonix out sizes Pixie by a clear margin, the red head finds her smaller opponent very tenacious and spirited in her defenses and worse, in her attacks. Both girls trade belly punches and hair pulls but its when they get down to brass tacks and start to lay a beat down each other does the fight get out of hand.


Catching Pixie in a vicious Camel Clutch, stretching her abs and cranking on her lower back, Pheonix reaches over and lays one hellacious open hand smack to Pixie's cruelly exposed belly. The deed doesn't go unpunished as Pixie manages to break free and turn the tables on her taller opponent.. Just like the little toy poodle that has her jaws locked onto the rothweiler hind leg, Pixie doesn't let go and is determined to make a good showing of herself. Even if it means taking a few brutal shots in the process. But Pixie's main weapon of choice during this fight is the use of her petite but dangerously powerful legs.


Once Pixie wraps those legs around her victim, its all pain and suffering from then on in.. Pheonix doesn't know how to deal with Pixie's scissors as every time she makes a move to break out of the hold, Pixie is right on top of her, yanking Pheonix's hair or mauling her breasts to allow the scissors to crush the breathe out of the red head. A few brutal belly punches or cheap shots usually permits Pheonix to break free and get a little payback but the damage has been done, Pixie's anaconda scissoring has weakened her larger opponent sufficiently enough to allow the smaller girl in dreads to punish and humiliate her opponent.


During the course of the match, Pixie suffers a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. One of our ground rules for unscripted fights is that the fighters must give quarter to allow her opponent to fix herself up before re-engaging in combat (otherwise we'd have to stop filming and get the fight restarted). impatient, Pheonix nails Pixie in the belly while her arms are up tying her bra top together to send the little girl crashing to the floor once more. The belly punches fly deep and hard, vicious and brutal. Until finally, after such punishment and hard fighting, one girl emerges victorious and yes, Pixie stands victorious once again, beating down yet another taller and bigger opponent. And after losing her top to so many others in her "Jobber Girl" role in the past, Pixie takes away her prize of the fight.. Pheonix's favourite bikini top.

With sweat still glistening on her pale skin after the fight, Pixie is so jubilant over her latest win that she foolishly challenges any of the other 'bitches' to come and take her on.. heck she'll even take TWO on at a time. Ever hear the old saying about little girls who's alligator mouth writing checks her hummingbird ass can't cash? Well, meet Pixie. We're not sure what awaits her in the future around here but it should be interesting to say the very least.

LF126 will appeal to unscripted fighting fans. This is a non-stop match from start to finish and the girls laid it out on the mats for their fans. With vicious hair pulls, brutal belly punches, painful camel clutches and bone crushing scissors, this video will appeal to many who love watching an entertaining fight between two beautiful women.


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