LF125 - Tiny Dominance - featuring Pixie vs Pystole

34 minutes of unscripted fighting between our two smallest hell cats!!

We're often asked for a fight video where the girls are allowed to fight for real, an unscripted fight. Well, here we have such a video for those fans. Our two smallest and feisty fighter girls, Pixie and Pystole face off to determine who can put who down to the mat. Rules were simple.. no punching. Hair and breasts attacks were permitted (and encouraged). Everything else was left up to their devices. We had no idea who would win this match when we started, and only the length of fight determined who would be the winner.

Pixie, standing 'tall' at 5'1" has the slight height advantage over Pystole who just clears 5'0". Unfortunately, Pystole has more real life fight experience over Pixie. Quick with her fists and feet, Pystole's only restrictions were that she couldn't punch or kick her opponent otherwise we'd have too short a match and an unconscious victim on the mats. Everything else was fair game though. Both women circled each other, sizing each other up before lunging at each other.


Realizing how dangerous her opponent is, Pixie doesn't waste time trying to get her powerful legs around her opponent. Pystole might have not taken her slightly taller opponent seriously enough and doesn't fully realize the danger she's let herself get put into. Girls don't do scissors in a bar fight, but here on the mats, it's whole new story!


It doesn't take long before the girls realize an unscripted match leaves a lot open to interpretation as to what they can get away with as they attack each other's tender breasts and nipples, almost as a retaliatory or defensive move. When Pixie won't let go of the handful of Pystole's thick red hair, she then has to abandon her hold to protect her breasts as Pystole digs her talons deep into Pixies breasts.. And thus sets the nasty stage of retaliation for this match!

Throughout the match, Pystole finds herself unable to do much against Pixie's brutally tight leg scissors as she howls in pain from the crushing force on her belly and ribs. Hair pulled, breasts mauled, nipples clawed, the girls tear into each other for the victory win but it's not an easy road. Just as Pystole senses an opening to escape Pixie's legs, she's yanked down by the hair and crushed again, howling in pain.


Pixie has been at the end of a lot of recent beat downs and abuse but she learned a lot in the process. Armed with this mat experience, Pixie is able to control and handle her dangerous opponent, though with great effort.

LF125 is going to appeal to the real fighting style fans. Though the action is for real, only the ending is scripted to bring the fight to a halt within a specified time period. Otherwise, from the start to the finish, the girls are battling it out for real. Tons of brutal scissors and hair pulling combined with painful breast mauling make this one hell of an entertaining fight!


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