LF124 - Ratted out - featuring Lily vs Absynthe (custom video)

40 minutes of brutal one sided belly punching beat down, unconscious and awake.

Absynthe IS back and this time she's trying to find out if Lily is responsible for the recent rash of robberies in her area. Hired by the police to get information on Lily, Absynthe clumsily sets up a recording device to trap Lily but she's soon discovered and is now subjected to an unrelenting and vicious beat down like only Lily can deliver. Sadist, cruel, and some how sensuous as she brutally destroys petite Absynthe's belly in this humiliating return of the Jobber Girl Absynthe.

Absynthe, fan favourite Jobber Girl, is back to try and find out who is responsible for a recent rash of art thefts in the local area. Armed with a recording device provided by the local P.D., Absynthe aims her investigation at whom she`s positive is responsible, her arch enemy Lily. Not overly familiar with the equipment, Absynthe stuff the device into her bra and sets forth to confront Lily. After making a clumsy attempt at subtle interrogation, Absynthe is sucker punched by the irritated Lily. But not nearly as irritated as when she discovers the wire that Absynthe didn't`t take away properly. This infuriates Lily who takes the wire to choke out her smaller victim. But it doesn't stop there, while unconscious, Absynthe is subjected to a brutal round of belly punches and body torture before Lily slinks away. When Absynthe wakes up, her battered belly aching, she sees the incriminating wire laying on the floor and she knows the jig is up and that she had better get the hell out of there before Lily gets back. But before she can crawl more than a few feet, Lily jumps on her and puts Absynthe out once more but this time with a hand over mouth suffocation hold. Absynthe`s real troubles are just about to begin.


With her victim stunned and unable to defend herself, Lily is in her proper element as she cruelly attacks Absynthe`s tender tight belly, slamming fists and knees into her smaller victim`s tortured belly button. She stomps, punches and claws away at Absynthe`s belly, with no regards to the little girl`s howls of pain and submission. Lily is out to destroy Absynthe once and for all.. If the belly attacks weren't bad enough for Absynthe, then Lily aims her the little girl`s tender breasts. Clawing and mauling poor Absynthe`s breasts, Lily makes an example out of the poor girl. Now armed with a rolled up magazine, Lily hammers the back of Absynthe`s head until she`s unconscious and now Lily can pound away on Absynthe`s cruelly exposed belly in peace and quite, without any arms or legs flailing around.. those get to be annoying.. weren't


Every time Absynthe is knocked out, Lily strips off an article of clothing from Absynthe`s frame until she`s left in nothing but her bra. With her breasts and belly dangerously exposed, Absynthe takes a vicious beating from Lily`s sadist hands. Repeatedly knocked out and beaten, only to be wakened and beaten, Absynthe doesn't know if she`s coming or going. The poor girl is bathed in pain and suffering.


But the final cruelty is when Absynthe wakes up to find herself stretched to the ladder, arms above her head, her belly exposed to Lily`s hellish punching attacks and breast torture attacks. But mercifully, Lily finally put Absynthe out of her misery for the final time.. Later, when Absynthe wakes up from her hellacious beat down, the poor little jobber girl can barely crawl away to safety, her belly and body sadistically beaten.

LF124 will certainly appeal to Absynthe`s fans and all belly punching and one sided beat down fans alike. Cruelly exposed belly getting blasted by sadistic punches is what this video is mostly all about. And no one is more sensuously sadistic than Lily and no one can be beaten down as sexily as Absynthe. You'll not want to miss THIS video!


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