LF123 PAINFUL INHERITANCE - featuring Pixie vs Pierce (custom video)

50 minutes of sibling squabbles over inheritance and face sitting beat down..

The siblings are at it again! This time, Pierce is determined to get it all. However, his sister Pixie discovers his evil plot to do away with her so he can claim to whole inheritance for himself. Pixie's plan is simple; lure her lecherous brother to house, slip him a mickey and have his useless carcass shipped to the Amazon (again!). But once again, the dosage was faulty and Pierce awakens confused, more lecherous than before and single minded in what he wants: Pixie! The struggle for survival is long drawn out as Pixie fends of her brother's happy hands and ends up finally getting him down and out. As disgusting as it is for Pixie, she discovers a good face sit will keep him down for good!

Pierce is on the phone with his henchman, setting the final details of his evil plan to be sole surviving sibling to inherit their family's fortune. But he must do away with one obstacle, his sister Pixie! The poor innocent girl discovered his plans and had solicited the help of her closest friend. Their plan is simple but dangerous. Get Pierce relaxed enough to drink a 'fixed' drink and when he's out like a light, have his ass carted off to the deepest corner of south America, never to be seen again. Everything goes to plan as Pixie expected but for some strange reason, Pierce doesn't stay out as he was supposed to. When he awakens, he finds himself confused and befuddled but immensely turned on by his sister whom he'd had a long time crush on..


Realizing she's in a precarious position, Pixie needs to keep control of Pierce in hope the drink's effects finally kicks in but her lecherous brother's happy hands are having a groping good time trying to explore Pixie firm young body. Creeped out and disgusted by her sick brother's tendencies, Pixie has to fight him off as best as she can, trying to keep his hands off her body. Crushing him with scissors doesn't seem to do the trick as the little girl tries everything to control her evil brother and his lecherous ways. After straddling him, pinning him to the floor, Pixie manages to sit on his face to pin him down.. Though this does the trick to immobilize him, she's horrified that he enjoys it but she can't risk changing position or letting him go as it is after all, an effective way to keep him down. Struggling to keep her weight on his face and trying to keep his groping hands off her body, Pixie tries to figure out what to do next. Pierce seems to be enjoying himself, almost glad to be in his predicament but there is something underfoot neither of the siblings have realized just yet..


Though Pierce has his sister just about where he thought he always wanted her to be, on his face, he suddenly realizes that he's having quite a bit of trouble breathing after Pixie shifted her weight a certain way and quite accidentally discovers that in fact that this face sitting position might be the trick she needs to put him out. For what started out as quite the pleasurable experience for her lecherous and evil brother, Pixie now enjoys the fact that the creep is panicking and struggling to get out of the position. He's quite horrified and starts to thrash about, trying to knock his little sister off his face to be able to breathe, but Pixie's not having any of it.. She's in for the duration and truly enjoys herself crushing her brothers face under her.

Slowly but surely, painful minute by painful minute, Pierce suffers the outright humiliation of being put out cold by his lovely sister Pixie sitting on his face, smothering the breathe right out of him. Though disgusted with the thought of her brother being under her like this, Pixie is feeling the thrill of the hunt of being in control over her brother and watching him suffer horribly. And then, finally, Pierce's struggles become weaker, fainter until he is still and out for the count.


Satisfied that her lecherous asshole brother is finally and properly out, Pixie calls in her friend to come in and bring the required gear to get her lecherous brother out of the picture thus allowing Pixie to be the sole sibling to inherit the family fortune, and to finally rid herself of her brother, once and for all.

LF123 is the face sitting fan's dream video. Pixie didn't know how to do a proper face sit before the movie so her discovery of this powerful move is shown on video. You'll be able to see how she tries to discover how to properly set herself in order to suffocate her victim and you'll get to see Pierce gasping for air as he really struggles to breathe. This video is quite intense as Pixie works hard to pin her victim down and not let her victim up again.


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