LF121 - Fighting Back - Pixie vs Raven

34 minutes of vicious and brutal all out fight to the end.

Once again Pixie finds herself squaring off against a much larger opponent and she's simply sick and tired of getting pushed around as always. But not this time, this little girl is fighting back and she's throwing rule book out the window and throwing caution to the wind as she engages in one of our most heated non-scripted battles to date. Yes, Pixie might be petite but she's freaky strong as Raven will soon find out. The punches fly, the hair gets yanks, backs bents, breasts mauled and everything else is fair game. As they say in these parts, there is no such thing as a fair fight. Raven discovers this won't be a cake walk and she's fighting against a determined and wild woman looking to make a name for herself. Pixie is fighting back for her life but Raven plans to put a stop to it.. once and for all.

After declaring she's not taking it anymore, Pixie lunges after Raven and the war begins like we've never seen them do before here at Ladyfist, at least not in a long time. Pixie rebelled at being the Jobber Girl so early in her career with us here, that she decided that she'll make a name for herself at Raven's expense. Catching Raven by surprise, Pixie managed to get the early advantage with a spine cracking camel clutch but the taller Raven managed to break out of it before too much damage was done and now the two girls know what is in store for them.. Not just a match to see who will win by submission or tap out, but who can beat the living hell out of whom before this fight is over!


Pixie's tenacity and ferocity is readily apparent as she rolls with Raven, trying to get the advantageous position to inflict pain and suffering on the Masked Raven. Dropping hard little fist deep into Raven's long slender tight belly slows the taller girl but also infuriates her. This is a back and forth battle of attrition, to see who can absorb more punishment than the other in order to survive to the end and then take full control of the situation to beat down her weakened adversary.


Raven doesn't really notice her top had come undone as she's entirely focused on destroying the little upstart Pixie. The little girl fight with desperation as she knows that if she doesn't come out victorious in this battle, her days with Ladyfist will be that of a Jobber Girl and she really doesn't want to be in that brutally painful role, week after week. So, with total abandon, Pixie give it all she's got and more, to bring down the taller girl Raven, to try and break her spirit (and her back).


But unfortunately, though she put up one hell of a good fight and gave as she gave, her frail little body couldn't sustain the brutal punishment inflicted on her by Raven.. Weakened by repeated blows to the belly by fist and foot, Pixie is stretched out, pinned and belly punched until she is so weak she can barely move or defend herself as Raven sets her up for a prolonged breasts smother to mercifully knock out the petite little girl.. Her fate sealed, Pixie would at this time, appear to be forever a Ladyfist Jobber Girl, whether she likes it or not.


LF121 will simply blow your mind away as you watch these two ladies tear into each other with utter disregard for their safety. Camel clutches, Boston Crabs, hair pulling, belly punches and stomps, breast maul, and simply pure and brutal fight to the finish.. This is the ONE video you do not want to miss!


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