LF120 No Mercy Beatdown - Pixie vs Pheonix & Raven

37 Minutes of vicious 2 on 1 sadistic brutality.

Pixie needs to redeem herself after the last vicious beaten by Lily. So when Pixie was wrestling the returning Raven for a match, she decided to throw some real punches in to show everyone how tough she is. She's tiny but she hits hard. Luckily for Raven, Pheonix was waiting for her turn on the mats and the sexy red head decided she should save her friend and help her show the little upstart a lesson or two. What follows is one of the most vicious and sadistically brutal beatdowns we've ever seen here, and we've see a lot of them. Watch what happens with two veteran 5'8" hellcats rip apart a petite little 5'1" newbie, and teach her a humiliating lesson about respect..

One night at the fight studio, the girls were lined up for a nice night of shooting fight matches for the members area. Pixie, tiny petite as she is, was still smarting from the embarrassing beat down handed to her by Lily. She didn't like it that Raven and Pheonix were snickering about it behind her back. So when she got on the mats with the Masked Raven, Pixie started to drop huge bombs with her tiny little fist. If you don't think those little fists are damaging, you ain't been hit by them. She's small but Pixie packs a solid punch and easily takes control of a surprised Raven, pounding her tiny little first into Raven's belly. When Pheonix realizes that Pixie isn't 'playing', she jumps into the frey to rescue Raven. The two girls realize what the little snipe was trying to prove herself at their expense. Well then, they're not having any of that and grab onto the little red head and proceed to teach her a few things.


Strong and powerful as they are, Raven and Pheonix don't subscribe to the ideal of fair play, they prefer to make their point and then some. As one girl hold little Pixie down, the other drills her first deep into the helpless red head's exposed belly or claw at her tender breasts. When Phoenix applies a boston crab or Figure 4 Leg Lock on Pixie, Raven is in her face and causing more damage to already brutally painful holds. Even when Raven catches Pixie in a tight sleeper hold, Pheonix wails away at the little girl's belly, even when she's out. Toying with their victim like a cat would a mouse, the two tough girls bring Pixie back awake, in time for some more punishment. But Pixie isn't going down with out fight, not anymore! When the two girls drag her by the hair across the mat to set her up for their next brutal move, Pixie wildly lashes out and catches both girls with a cheap shot. While Raven goes down hard holding her crotch, Pixie jumps on Pheonix and wails away trying to put her down before Raven is able to come to her senses, but too late. Raven manages to grab Pixie's hair and yank her off her stunned friend. Now completely in control of the defiant little Pixie, Raven and Pheonix go to town on their helpless victim. While Raven applies a spine cracking Boston crab on Pixie, Pheonix stomps a well placed foot straight down into the unsuspecting girl's crotch, causing even more howls of pain and suffering. Poor Pixie, bad enough she has to suffer the holds themselves but the other girl's added kicks and stomps are viciously brutal on her petite body.


When Pheonix put Pixie in a painful camel clutch, Raven attacks her stretched out belly and cruelly exposed breasts, twisting and mauling them, causing Pixie to scream loudly. A few good punches to her stretched belly is nothing compared to the sadistic kick to the belly she suffers as Raven kicks her helpless victim. Two on action like is not for the faint at heart..


Crazed with pain, poor little Pixie is unable to defend herself or respond appropriately to the tough girls' attacks. Her back bent, her head slammed into the floor, her belly hammered and her crotch devastated, all of these pale in comparison to what awaits our newest Jobber Girl..


Pheonix and Raven are out to make a statement as they set out to cripple and destroy petite little Pixie. With no concern for her what so ever, the two tough gals hammer away at the hapless little girl, her screams fuel their lust for brutality and pain.


Thankfully, after so much painful punishment, Pixie succumbs to the sadistic brutality and passes out from the immense pain she's suffered. But that doesn't save Pixie from further pounding as both Raven and Pheonix get in their last few shots before tiring of their latest conquest.. but not before leaving Pixie with yet one more humiliation as they walk away with a little trophy for their collection...


LF120 is THE video for all you one sided Two On One BeatDown fans who simply love watching a keen Jobber Girl get her ass handed back to her by two viciously sadistic bitches. Pixie takes one hell of a beating by Pheonix and Raven and we're not sure she'll be able to come back for a rematch, we're not sure she'll even show her face around here after so many beat downs.. We hope so, as already Pixie is proving to be an all time fan favourite Jobber Girl!


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