LF118 STUPID BITCH! - Cassy vs Lily

33 Minutes back and forth battle with one hell of a humiliating finish.

Lily, the tough librarian faces off against an equally vicious opponent, Cassy. there's hatred in their eyes and brutality in their hearts as both ladies clash to determine who will rule supreme around here. Don't let Cassy's smaller size fool you, she might be tiny but as Lily will soon find out, there is a hell of a lot of fighter in this small package. But when trash talking turns to mounting humiliation, one of these ladies will suffer the dire consequence of pushing her opponent too far.

The trash talking starts early when both Lily and Cassy size each other up. They know the other is tough and they're not sure how best to get around their opponent's defence but back and forth they go until the pattern emerges where one girl goes for the cheap shots to get herself out of trouble while the other aims more for the tender belly and breasts.


Not only are the girls out to beat down the other, there is a sense of urgency to see who will get to humiliate the other first. Cassy, just like all the other girls who had faced Lily before, know that it's not only bad enough to be KO by the tough blond but she's got a nasty habit of doing things to you at your most vulnerable. So you never know what will happen after you wake up from a "Lily KO" but Cassy will soon find out.


Vicious body shots and cheap shots are traded, torturous scissors and brutal hair pulling are in order as both girls try to rip a strip off each other, more to cause pain than to actually win, it would appear.


But when Cassy managed to put her own KO on Lily, she steps it up by rubbing her stinky little feet into the bigger girl's face.. but as soon as Lily awakens with Cassy's face still in her face, all war breaks out like never before.

Embarrased and humiliated, Lily is out for blood and she's going to make Cassy pay for her foot stunt.. After roughing up the smaller hellcat, Lily deftly knockouts her opponent.. And this time.. she's ready to make the stupid little bitch pay for her earlier actions.

LF118 is an all aroun fight video with lots of cheap shots and hair pulling, and few knock outs that come with levels of humiliatiuon that drive one of these women to brutally inflict punishment to her victim. This is a video you'll not want to miss!


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