LF117 - Bitch, SUBMIT! - Cassy vs Melody

36 Minutes of One Sided Beatdown with humiliating finish.

Once again, Melody feels the need to prove herself and once again issues a defiant challenge that she's ready to kick ANYONE's ass.. When she's matched up with the much smaller Cassy, Melody can barely contain her contempt as she tries to go through her opening lines for this video. Melody should have checked out Cassy's previous videos as the petite long haired red head is one of the meanest most vicious hell cats on the roster and she takes immense pleasure in beating the living hell out of poor Melody. Cassy predicts Melody will indeed submit to her before the fight is over, one way or another, Melody will submit.

Cassy, completely unimpressed with Melody's lack of respect, declares that Melody will be her bitch, and she will submit. Defiantly, Melody feels she can beat down this much smaller opponent, but she is sadly mistaken as Cassy starts on her weaker opponent. Cassy might be one of the smaller Ladyfist girls but she's also one of the more dangerous ones, as Melody will unfortunately find out soon.


Cassy easily takes down Melody and commences with pummeling her body with punches and straddles, gut crushing scissors and mauling. Every time Cassy asks Melody to submit, the brunette defiantly refuses. She believes she can somehow turn this fight around and beat her opponent. But Cassy is tough, the few sneak belly punches Melody is able to get in on Cassy aren't heavy enough to drop the red head but only to anger her even more.


Melody struggles to survive this match as Cassy brutalizes and tortures her victim. At this point, Cassy is merely content with torturing her defiant victim than actually trying to make her submit but like a cat cruelly playing with a wounded mouse, Cassy knows her opponent isn't going to far and that every kick, stomp and punch weakens Melody even more. With vice like scissors, spine crushing camel clutches and viciously executed cheap shots, Cassy asks the one simple question "Submit, Bitch!" and Melody defiantly refuses to submit.


Cassy's cruelty abounds as she fish-hooks Melody while in a painful camel clutch and tries to rip her nose off the sobbing brunette's face. Poor Melody, steadfastly refuses to submit to Cassy, regardless of the brutality inflicted upon her. Finally, after much punishment, Melody is caught in a viciously torturous figure 4 leg lock. She desperately tries to get out of it, desperately tries to endure the immense pain as Cassy rocks back and forth, slamming her leg across Melody's near busted leg until finally, Melody has no choice but to scream her submission to Cassy.. I submit I submit..


Oh but Cassy isn't satisfied with just that one submission.. Cassy continues to brutalize Melody's legs as the young girls continues to scream her submission. Cassy demands that Melody must hand over her shirt to Cassy if she wants the nightmare to end. A few good hits to the legs while still trapped in the figure 4 leg lock finally convinces Melody to surrender her top to Cassy.. But as brutal as this beat has been, it's not over for Melody. Having had to make Cassy work a lot harder than she wanted to, Melody now has to pay the price.. and it's a painful price. Humiliated and topless, poor Melody is still tortured and beaten by Cassy who is simply rubbing salt in the wounds at this point. Humiliating her defeated and submitted victim, Cassy wants to make sure this is one beat down Melody will not soon forget.


Trapping her victim between her knees, face down to the mats, Cassy repeatedly slams the poor girl's head into the floor until she's gotten her well dazed and limp. As always, Melody bit off more than she could chew and paid the ultimate price. Cassy walks away with her prize in hand, leaving the defeated and humiliated Melody flat on her back, unconscious, battered and broken.


LF117 is going to appeal to the one sided beatdown fans, with a good array of holds and moves, especially the viciously brutal Figure 4 Leg Lock at the end. Cassy is vicious, mean and nasty. Melody, the now consummate Jobber Girl, should survive to fight another day.


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