LF116 - Boxed In - Melody vs Pheonix

33 Minutes of One Sided Beatdown with boxing gloves!

Melodyhas been on the receiving end of some vicious beat downs lately but she's not backing down from no one, especially her rival Pheonix who shows up with boxing gloves and challenges her small would be victim to a boxing match. Melody, who doesn't know how to box, bare knuckle sucker punches the gloved Pheonix first to set the red haired beauty up for an incredible one sided beat down. Though Melody doesn't know how to box, she's more than happy to accommodate Pheonix's request and beat the hell out of her with the gloves on.. that is after tying Pheonix's hands behind her back, with her gloves' laces! Let the punching begin!

Knowing she doesn't stand a chance against Pheonix, who has boxed in the ring before, Melody needs a plan to survive and what better defense than a good offence, so she sucker punches Pheonix. Finally, Melody is able to level the playing field by a large margin, in her favour.


While unconscious, Pheonix is draped over the dreaded red ball of pain with her hands tied behind her back with her boxing gloves' laces! How's that for irony. Melody, now firmly in the driver's seat and calling the shots, delivers a solid gloved fist deep into Pheonix's cruelly exposed belly, rudely awakening the red head. Gasping and in shock, Pheonix can't believe she's trapped, let alone to be the victim of a one sided beat down as Melody gleefully rains punch after punch into Pheonix's belly, crashing the air out of her lungs.


Drawing from her experience as Lily's victim, Melody isn't just looking to win this fight, she wants to exact revenge and brutal punishment onto Pheonix, as payback from all the previous beatings Melody had to endure, all the humiliations and all the KOs. Melody chuckles to herself as she truly enjoys jamming her fist into Pheonix's vulnerable belly.


Melody tries out her punching abilities on Pheonix's belly, breasts, head and eventually going for the viciously nasty low blows on her trapped victim. Where no where to go, Pheonix can't defend herself or prevent the torture Melody imposes on the red head's battered body. Melody's gleeful giggles and laughter soon turn to a slightly maniacal, almost crazed laughter as she unloads all her frustrations onto her captive.

Pheonix, unable to defend herself, finds herself being viciously punched in the gut, expediting her trip to sleepy land. Melody doesn't wait long to wake her victim up and yanks the taller Pheonix to her feet and jams her up against the wall where she can slam more punishing gloves into the red head's exposed belly. It doesn't take long before Pheonix can barely stand and is driven down to the floor onto her back where she receives vicious stomps to the belly and punches to the crotch at the same time. Melody's temperament is that of a crazed woman hell bent on revenge!.


The end comes swiftly for poor Pheonix as she is roughly yanked up to her feet as Melody enjoys the last coup-de-grace Knock Out punch that lands Pheonix out like a light on her back, tits up. Melody, once again feels like she's on top of the world, being able to beat down and viciously trash a much larger opponent. Melody openly challenges the next bitch to step up to the plate.. Something tells us that Melody is in for a surprise soon.

If you love one sided beat down, especially when it's the smaller girl beating the living hell out of her larger opponent, then LF116 is going to be your video of choice. Melody Finally gets the chance to show what she has and she shows us her dark side as she vicious beats down her red haired opponent. Scary.


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