LF114 - AB Destruction of Pheonix - Lily vs Pheonix

38 Minutes of one sided brutal belly punishment beat down.

Simply put, Lily is as vicious a bitch as there ever was around here and she's damn proud of it. Quiet librarian by day, sadistic bitch by night. When Lily encountered Pheonix the other week there was a love-hate relationship right away.. where Lily would love to hate the sexy girl with thick red hair. And she would make Pheonix suffer only for the pure enjoyment of it.. Lily's enjoyment of course.

The two girls face off the other night for an all out brawl. As they circle each other, ready to lock up, Pheonix is apprehensive as she knows Lily is not only known for her viciousness but for her nasty streak for humiliating her victims. Not only does Lily love to beat down her victims, but she loves to get a feel in once in a while, if only to embarrass her victims. So not only do you have to defend yourself against Lily's brutality, it's her nasty streak you also have to be careful for!


No sooner do they lock up that Lily sneaks in a vicious knee lift to Pheonix's belly, dropping the sultry red head to her knees, knocking the wind out of her.. and it all goes downhill from there. Lily, knowing she's wounded her opponent, pounces on her victim with full gusto and concentrates on her sexy belly, knowing how delicate and vulnerable the inexperienced red head is.


Unable to defend herself, the now weakened Pheonix is barely able to prevent Lily's attacks to her soft tender belly. Arms pinned, bent backwards, belly cruelly exposed, poor Pheonix is belly beaten raw. Pheonix's cries for mercy fall on deaf uncaring ears as Lily simply continues on her quest to brutalize and torture her new victim's belly. With every punch landing squarely into Pheonix's belly, sending her flesh rippling from the painful impact, the gasping red head can barely move around to crawl away but ends up clinging onto her attacker in hopes she won't get hit again.. but to no avail..


Every time Pheonix is slugged in the gut, her body violently jerks forward, folding her in two from the pain.. sobbing and crying from the pain, she can barely move from the beating her poor belly is taking, and the end isn't anywhere in sight yet!! Lily is simply having too much fun torturing her victim.


Lily is devastatingly inventive in finding ways to make a belly beat down more punishing for her victim. Using Pheonix's thick luscious to anchor her victim down, Lily manages to bring more suffering to the red head than before.


And sure enough, though Pheonix suffers a vicious belly beat down, she's also having to defend her lovely breasts from Lily's sadistic hands. Lily knows fully well that Pheonix cant tolerate another woman touching her breasts, let alone torturing them so when Lily caresses her breasts and then bites her. But in the end, Pheonix suffers quite the humiliation when she's robbed of her bikini top. Lily's taken her top, now she's going to take her dignity! Topless, humiliated and brutalized, poor Pheonix is belly punched for the next ten minutes.. Her belly raw from countless punches, knees and stomps.


Finally, mercifully, Pheonix is brutally pounded until she's rendered unconscious. Lily certainly left her mark on Pheonix, quite literally. It will be a while before the luscious haired Pheonix will want to mix it up with Lily, but as always, revenge is always just around the corner around here.

LF114 is the Belly Punching Fan's ultimate video of choice. Sexy red head getting her belly brutally destroyed by her vicious and sadistic opponent like you've never seen before.


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