LF112 - Cassy's Hat - Cassy vs Nina (custom video)

40 minutes of back and forth fighting, scissors, belly punching, knockouts and humiliation.

Cassy's number one fan recently sent her a hat and hoodie as a gift and Cassy loves it. Knowing that it makes the other girls jealous is an added bonus. She knows she's gorgeous with her sweet body, long hair and beautiful eyes. But when Nina comes in, she's not impressed with Cassy and sets off to make an example of this little girl. Though Nina is almost twice Cassy's size, the little girl doesn't go down without a fight but it's an uphill fight to the end where Cassy ends up being repeatedly knocked out, scissored, straddled, belly punched and bent. Tall, beautiful and sexy Nina wants Cassy to know that to brag around here means paying a price, in pain and suffering.

Cassy is tickled pink that one of her fans sent her a cool cap and a nice hoodie to wear, seeing how the winter months are soon upon us. She vows to wear them always. Cassy parades her new clothing for the camera just as Nina comes in. Nina, tall and beautiful, really hates little snotty girls who think they're all that and more.. In other words, Nina really has a hate on for petite Cassy. So, to make herself feel better, Nina is going to put Cassy in her place and beat the living hell out of her.. "just because".


Nina's whole purpose today is to brutalize and punish Cassy for being so annoying about her new hat and hoodie.. Can you say "jealous"? Its obvious that Nina is so much taller and bigger than Cassy and that the poor little girl is in for one hell of a fight but the petite long haired beauty isn't going down without a fight this time and she's defiant as hell when Nina attacks her. Nina displays her powerful strength when she crushes little Cassy between her vise like thighs. Nina is like a cat toying with a wounded mouse as she cruelly torments Cassy about her hat, taking every occasion to jam it back on the petite girl's head whenever it falls off. Nina takes joy in knocking out Cassy with an HOM that leaves the poor girl stunned. Up against the wall goes Cassy for a round of big fists to the belly.


Remarkably, Cassy isn't ready to give up any time soon as she manages to survive Nina's attacks. Displaying some of her strength, Nina picks Cassy up by a leg and hammers her fist into the poor girl's exposed crotch. Using all of her assets within her arsenal, Nina crushes Cassy's face into her beautiful breasts to suffocate the little girl until unconscious. As Nina stands over Cassy to trash talk about her outfit, Cassy drives her foot up into Nina's crotch for a cheap shot attack. Now the petite Cassy has a chance for some payback but it doesn't last long as Nina only seems to be humouring Cassy's feeble attempts at fighting back.


Nina wreaks havoc on poor little Cassy's body as she drives her fist into Cassy's belly, stretches her legs and bends her spine. Poor Cassy is subjected to a few knockouts along the way for good measure only to be rudely awakened by her attacker. Nina spares no ill feelings towards Cassy as she tortures her victim over and over. Try as she may, poor Cassy is simply over powered and overwhelmed by Nina's strength size and abilities.


Cassy slowly but surely weakens and is unable to mount much of any resistance to Nina's brutal attacks. After repeated KO's and belly punches, Cassy's broken body is unable to respond to any of Nina's attacks. Barely able to move after a camel clutch knock out combo, Cassy is pulled up by her long luscious hair and draped over Nina's strong shoulders like a dead bag of rocks for a prolonged cross shoulder back breaker that leaves Cassy petite body broken and battered.


After all is said and done, poor helpless Cassy is left on the mat, defeated and brutalized by her much larger opponent Nina. We're not sure if Cassy will dare wear that outfit around here again, but we'll see what happens when these two hell cats meet up again.. Payback sucks!

LF112 will appeal to fans of one sided beat downs. Though Cassy manages to get a few shots in, it's all futile as Nina over powers her petite victim with ease. Scissoring, belly punching, hair pulling Chokes and knock outs are abundant in this video.


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