LF111 - Destroyed Belly Button - Cassy vs Lily and Nina (custom video)

41 Minutes of intensely sadistic and viciously brutal 2 on 1 belly destruction and punishment with KOs.

Cassy is new around here and her fans absolutely love her tight little belly and beautiful belly button. She's not shy telling everyone how great her belly button is. Unfortunately, she also caught the attention of Lily and Nina who can't stand anyone who thinks they are better than they. And the girls are going to show Cassy how un-sexy her belly button is.. Un-sexy, that is, when they are done with her! Poor Cassy is in for a most vicious and brutal one sided 2on1 beat down belly destruction like we've not seen in a long time.

This video starts with Cassy showing off her hot and sexy belly button, rubbing her smooth skin, making a great deal of her belly button until the two mean girls, Nina and Lily come walking in and start trash talking Cassy. And with one swift punch to the belly, Cassy is dropped to the floor and the torture begins. All Lily and Nina want out of this encounter is to brutalize and destroy the little girl's belly button so that she will be too embarrassed to show it in public again.


With each girl taking turns holding their defenseless victim, they slam their fists deep into Cassy's sexy belly, grinding the fist deep into her soft flesh, causing immense pain to the poor girl, doubling her over but she's immediately yanked upright to receive the next shot. Soon, Cassy's belly button turns raw from the beating as both Nina and Lily drill their fingers deep into Cassy's sexy belly button, looking to cause her immense pain and suffering. They even try to drive their toes deep into Cassy's belly button, trying to reach in as deep as possible knowing this hurts like hell on the helpless little girl.


Trapped and unable to protect herself, poor Cassy is subjected to devastating kicks, stomps, heels, knees and fists to her belly, all in order to destroy her belly button. Lily and Nina are having a great time, at Cassy's expense. Begging and pleading for them to stop, Cassy's pleas fall on uncaring ears. Nothing but pure hate and jealousy drive these two vicious bitches in their path of destruction on Cassy's belly. And, even while she's out cold, poor Cassy is subjected to several vicious stomps to her cruelly exposed belly, her body totally non-responsive to the blows as she lays there, limp like a rag doll. They wake the poor girl up only to knock her out again so they can beat on her some more. Poor Cassy, so weak and defenseless, suffers greatly under these two nasty girls.


While still unconscious, Cassy is hauled up and over both girls' knee in a spine cracking, belly stretching back breaker where she is hammered, pummeled and brutalized until she finally wakes from the intense beating and pain. Barely conscious, poor Cassy is beaten and punched in her sexy belly button while suspended upside down and draped across Lily's back like a knapsack, allowing Nina to get full access to Cassy's cruelly exposed and defenseless belly.. The poor girl is barely conscious but this doesn't bother Lily and Nina, it simply makes their work easier.


To really make life more miserable for Cassy, the girls haul out an articulated ladder rigged up so that they can tie their victim over it, stretched and trapped, leaving her deliciously exposed belly to what ever beating and assault they have planned for poor Cassy. Driving fists and knuckles, heels and elbows into the poor girl's devastated belly button.


Poor Cassy, barely conscious but still feeling every deep and penetrating hit to her brutally destroyed belly button, is finally strung up to the upright ladder and tortured with more shots to her battered belly. Lily and Nina take turns digging their fingers and toes into Cassy's belly button, slamming their fists into her horribly beaten belly, all the while Cassy pleading, begging the girls not to destroy her belly button... But luckily, the two girls are fed up with their victim and walk away, leaving Cassy hanging by the ropes on her wrists.


If you love belly punching videos, 2 on 1 action, one sided beat downs and KOs, then LF111 is THE video you'll not want to miss. Petite Cassy's belly is totally ruined by the end of this video and you'll be amazed at how much brutality and punishment one little girl can take before it's all over. This will be one video you'll be watching over and over and over.


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