LF107 - Failed Again - Aiden & Lily vs Absynthe

56 Minutes of the most vicious and brutal 2 on 1 beat down yet perpetrated on a defenseless Jobber Girl. Belly punches and stomps, crotch attacks, back breakers, the infamous red ball of torture, face punch KO and smothering KOs.

Absynthe is still steaming over the beat down she took from Lily a while back, all because she's a book worm and gets better grades than Lily. Well this time, Absynthe solicits the help of the Maniacal Diva, Aiden to help set a trap to double team Lily. A nice plan but for all her book smarts, Absynthe lacks the street smarts that would have warned her about the ambush she soon walks into. A vicious and severely brutal 2 on 1 beat down awaits our little Absynthe. And does she ever suffer pain and suffering and another humiliating defeat... again.

Eager to see her plan work out, Absynthe has Aiden to make the call which will lure the unsuspecting Lily to the room so that Absynthe may beat the hell out of Lily with Aiden's help. She's paid Aiden a lot of money for the extra muscle. Once Lily arrives, she's ambushed by Absynthe and the 2 on 1 beat down action begins with Lily taking severe gut shots. But to Absynthe's surprise and shock, Aiden changes her mind about the role she has to play on all this and now joins Lily in getting payback on Absynthe. What Absynthe didn't realize, is that Lily and Aiden had this all pre-planned for their intended victim. So now, the beat down begins in earnest!


Stretched out, bent out and trapped, poor defenseless and helpless Absynthe is brutally punched in the belly and stomp kicked in her cruelly exposed crotch. Clawed, punched and stomped, poor Absynthe can't do anything to stop the punishment. And what is soon becoming aware to Absynthe is that Lily and Aiden aren't looking for her to submit or tap out.. No they simply want to beat Absynthe to within an inch of her life so that she'll remember her place and not antagonizing the tougher girls.

Aiden and Lily spare no expense as they tag team their helpless victim. Sometimes taking turns, and sometimes just jumping at the same time to bring Absynthe a lot of hurt and punishment. Draped across Aiden's back, her belly cruelly exposed, Absynthe takes several vicious punches to her stretched out abs as Lily leaps into the air to bring her fist crashing down on Absynthe's tender and battered belly.


Lily and Aiden aren't looking for points or finesse in this video. They are simply here because they love to brutalize little girls and especially if her name is Absynthe! After a while Absynthe succumbs to her injuries and passes out but is soon revived by the vicious duo and is made to suffer all over again. Torturous holds as the Porch Swing, Spine Cracker are used on poor Absynthe.


The vicious duo bring out the red ball or torture and draped their downed victim across the ball and bind her wrists to her ankles and begin torturing Absynthe's already wrecked belly with vicious punches, stomps, claws and rakes. To make life even more miserable for poor Absynthe, they stomp her belly and viciously kick at her crotch while in this most of defenseless positions. Grinding their heels into her crotch, Lily and Aiden are enjoying themselves as Absynthe screams in pure agony of pain.


Lily and Aiden show total disregard for their victim as they brutalize her over and over, trash talking their victim as they stomp, kick and humiliate her with wedgies and full kicks to the belly and crotch. They knock Absynthe out with an HOM and strap her to the ball face down so they can abuse her gorgeous ass with kicks, stomps and punches, and swift kicks to the crotch from behind. Now that's gotta hurt!


Poor Absynthe, the end comes slowly but surely as she's rag dolled and humiliated over and over but not like when the vicious duo finally put the little girl down and out for the final time. To give her a final gift, they strip her pants off and leave Absynthe with one more failing grade on her performance as a fighter girl, an F minus! I don't think Absynthe will ever be the same after this trashing.


LF107 will certainly appeal to the 2 on 1 fans and for those who enjoy devastating one sided beat downs. With plenty of belly punches, hair pulling, trash talking, stomps, kicks, and every thing else you can imagine, Absynthe suffers admirably like no one else can. Though she received an F minus from the vicious duo, we're sure Absynthe will receive an A plus from her fans.

This is a video not to be missed!


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