LF106 - Nature BeatDown - Aiden vs Absynthe

36 Minutes of brutal and vicious one sided beatdown with belly punches, cheap shots, stomps, scissors fig four leg lock and carries.

Simple put, Aiden goes above and beyond the expected when she comes home on summer vacation and finds out Absynthe had been talking trash about Aiden. Poor Absynthe thought Aiden was gone for good but not the case this time. Aiden is more than happy to demonstrated to the petite little girl the meaning of pain and suffering, and this time its out in the woods where no one can hear you scream.

Dragged by the rope around her bound wrists, Absynthe is pulled through the woods by Aiden. Absynthe knows Aiden has a bit of a temper (hence her nick name "Maniacal Diva"), but the little girl doesn't know that this isn't going to be a beat down like the others, no, this one is special because Aiden found out about Absynthe's trash talking about Aiden and now it's time to pay the piper.


Aiden jams Absynthe up against the cold rock face and drills her belly with a vicious right hand that crumples poor Absynthe. Aiden isn't going for style or technique in this unfair fight. She's simply looking to hurt Absynthe as much as possible and humiliate the little one in such that she'll not soon forget it.

With brutal belly stomps, knees to the crotch, poor helpless Absynthe take a shit kicking but manages to stay conscious long enough to be able to get in a shot or two on Aiden. But every time she does, the retaliation is immense.


Aiden, well known for her sadistic ways, doesn't any of her talent on this job. She hammers on Absynthe, hair pulling, stretching and bending her opponent. As Aiden stomps on Absynthe cruelly exposed belly, she literally grinds the dirt deep into Absynthe's belly. Powerful legs that she has, Aiden puts her utterly defenseless victim in various scissor holds. Though Aiden could squeeze Absynthe into sleepy land, she refrains from doing so. What fun would it be to KO Absynthe so early in the fight?

Aiden pins her victim over her knee for devastating shot to the belly, then flips her over for the dreaded figure four leg lock before putting on an extremely painful grape vine on poor Absynthe. Aiden takes no pity on her helpless little victim as she seeks to torture and brutalize her little victim. But the worse is still yet to come!


Barely getting any response from her battered victim, Aiden makes sure she's out with a back bending Hand Over Mouth KO that totally destroys poor little Absynthe who is then subsequently carried out by Aiden. We're not sure what she finished doing with Absynthe as we couldn't follow her into the woods. Poor Absynthe, she's never been the same since.


LF106 is a fast paced and full of actions that will entertain the Jobber Girl fans, belly punching fans and vicious one sided beat downs. Aiden set off to humiliate Absynthe to put her in her place.. And I think she left quite an impression on the little girl.. quite literally!


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