LF105 - Amber's Tickle -Amber vs Erin & Wynter

42 Minutes of torturous 2 on 1 tickling, belly punching and KOs finished off with a humiliating foot in the face domination.

When new girl Amber shows up to find out about working with us, she was quite intimidated by both Wynter and Erin. But these two veterans decided they wanted to 'play' with Amber so they convinced her that they could do a simple and easy 'tickle fight' video with her, just to easer Amber into the way of thing. Unfortunately, Amber is exceptionally ticklish and both Erin and Wynter were in their element to torture their new little victim. What started off as a fun and easy training fight for Amber soon turned into a nightmare of torturous tickling mixed with brutal belly punching and KOs until finally the dangerous duo humiliate their unconscious victim with a well placed foot in the face domination.


Erin and Wynter get Amber to lie down and they pin her arms and legs down, which leaves poor Amber cruelly exposed to a fun round of tickling. Amber thinks this is all in fun and goes along with it for a while but soon realizes that these two tough gals are in this for their own fun, at Amber's expense! Gasping for breath as she's being tickled, Amber pleads for her attackers to stop tickling her, but they're enjoying themselves to much watching their petite victim squirm and struggle, trying to get out of their grasp.


Targeting her ribs and belly, Erin and Wynter have a malicious tone to their voices as they torment their captive, tickling her neck and belly, and occasionally giving her a light punch to the belly to quell her squeals of uncontrolled laughter. Amber, unable to squirm out of her tickler's hold, struggles to get away, pleading to be let go but Erin and Wynter aren't quite done with her yet. The tickling now gets more involved as they go after her tender inner thighs and feet, which throws Amber into increased fits of uncontrolled laughter.

For Erin and Wynter, Amber represents a new threat to the roster. Cute, cuddly and sweet, they now show their true colours as they begin to torture their victim and decide to put her out with a double KO. Poor Amber, never having experienced a KO, desperately struggles to break free, the fear and confusion in her eyes showing before finally passing out from the HOM.


But it's not over yet for poor little Amber. Erin and Wynter aren't content they've done enough damage to the little girl, wake her up and flip her onto her belly so they can pin Amber down to properly work on her feet which throws Amber into uncontrollable convulsions of laughter. Barely able to catch her breath, Amber nearly bounces off the floor as her lovely feet are relentlessly tickle-tortured. Wynter encourages Erin to really get nasty with Amber and both tough gals work over her feet and toes. But when Amber gets too loud with her squeals of laughter and pleading, it's time for Erin and Wynter to once again put the new girl out cold with a prolonged KO. As Erin has Amber struggling to stay conscious, Wynter is still tickling her feet but Amber is now non-responsive as she passes out cold from Erin's rough treatment.


As much fun as it all is, tickling your opponent isn't fun enough so now the tough girls wake their pretty little victim up and Wynter puts Amber in a full nelson while Erin sits on her thighs and poor Amber is cruelly stretched out, her tender breasts and belly exposed for a beat down. Erin and Wynter torment their victim, yanking on her hair, pulling her arms out and driving deep punches to her belly. Mauling poor Amber's breasts while being punched in the belly is too much for the poor little girl to take as she howls out loud in pain and fear. Wynter, not enjoying Amber's loud high pitched cries of pain, muffles her victim as Erin brutalizes poor Amber with more belly punches and breast mauling.



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