LF103 - Wynter of Discontent - Wynter vs Erin

38 Minutes of back and forth action with brutal hair pulling, schoolgirl pins, scissoring, belly punching finished with a humiliating finish.

BBW Wynter, confident that she could easily take down her thinner opponent certainly got a suprise when Erin didn't stay down but kept fighting back. It's unfortunately for Wynter who really wanted to get even with Erin over some previous squabble but you know how it goes, the toughest bitch wins and Wynter came up short. Not to miss an opportunity to put Wynter in her place, Erin made sure Wynter would suffer a humiliating defeat. Too bad Wynter wasn't awake for it. But she'll see the video and we all know how PayBack can be a bigger bitch!


Erin doesn't back down from Wynter as both ladies take the advantage to get on top and exchange some brutal neck cranking, root yanking hair pulls. A few cheap shots along the way certainly gets one of the girls ire up.


Erin's long beautiful neck can also be a liability as Wynter takes avery opportunity to twist Erin's head around by the hair, trying to snap her smaller opponent's head off her shoulders. But Erin simply won't give in to her larger opponent and gives back as well as she takes it. Erin is no one's push over, especially not Wynter.


The belly punching in this video isn't the typical loud smacking 'theatrical realism' you would expect. But rest assured the shots are real and deep as both Wynter and Erin try to make the other give up. Having the weight advantage, Wynter easily absorbs Erin's punches who then realizes she'll have to drive her fists in deeper until she's rewarded with the sweet sound of pain from her victim Wynter.


What really sucks for Wynter is that Erin is a lot stronger than she looks and can take one hell of a beating and not even flinch about it. Much to Wynter's discontent, Erin dominates most of the end of the match and is able to face sit Wynter.. but not all the way. When Erin realizes her defeated foe is down but not out. But it isn't quite over yet.. Erin's still pissed that Wynter would even think that she could beat Erin.. so the tall sexy Erin will make sure that Wynter will remember her loss.

Both Erin and Wynter certainly do have a hate on for each other and neither wanted to submit to the other. This match certainly shows us that these two girls are willing to go the distance to get their wins. Future matches will certainly be interesting to say the least!


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