LF101 - Red Ball Beat Down - Iron Mayden vs Miko

38 Minutes of one sided viciously deep penetrating belly punching on a victim tied to and arched over the red ball of pain. Hair pulling and breast mauling included.

Poor Miko never learned to stay away from Mayden after their last encounter. She naively walks in as Mayden is admiring her new exercise ball. When asked by Miko what the ball was for, Mayden jumps Miko to KO the little girl with a sleeper hold and proceeds to demonstrate for the next 38 minutes what the ball is for. When Miko wakes up, she's arched over the ball, wrists bound to ankles and no way out from the brutally savage beating Mayden has in store for this helpless little girl, Miko.

Viciously brutal Mayden is gleefully contemplating what she could do with the big red exercise ball when all of a sudden Miko strolls in, asking what the ball is for. Mayden pauses a little, and decides it would be best to demonstrate in person what one use of the ball could be for. Mayden lunges for Miko and puts her in a deep and tight sleeper hold, slowly but surely rendering her petite little victim unconscious and ready for her next big ordeal. Nothing says lovin like a big red ball and a suitable victim.


Draped over the ball, bound ankles to wrists, Miko is cruelly awaken with a sickening deep punch to the belly that sends her gasping for breath as she suddenly realizes that she is in deep deep trouble. There's no use pleading for mercy when it comes to Mayden.. the more you cry, whine and plead, the more she loves it. Mayden goes to work on destroying Miko's tight little belly, dropping her fists as deep as she can into Miko's stretched belly, causing her little body to bounce on the ball with each hit.


Mayden experiments with the ball, seeing how far back Miko can roll over the ball as she nails her repeatedly in Miko's belly, bracing the little girl so she can't fall off. If the pain in Miko's back was bad enough from being arched over the ball, the sudden hits to the belly causing her to flex forward doesn't help at all every time Mayden slams a fist into that sweet tender belly of Miko.

Every once in a while, Mayden takes a short break to change up the routing a bit. She goes for those tender breasts, raking, mauling and twisting poor Miko's nipples, soliciting howls of pain as the defenseless little girl can't do anything to stop the onslaught.


To make matters even worse, Mayden rolls Miko back over the ball so that her head touches the floor, and steps on Miko's thick luscious hair, pinning her head to the floor as Mayden viciously crashes her fists deep into Miko's already battered belly. With her head pinned to the floor, Miko can't flex forward to relieve some of the pain as she is completely and utterly exposed to what ever Mayden slams into Miko's belly.


Every time Miko manages to roll off the ball, Mayden is sweet enough to put her back up on the ball, being ever so gentle with her victim just so she can hammer away once again at that nice tight little belly.

With Miko now untied, Mayden is offered more opportunities for abuse on Miko's devastated little body. Grabbing Miko's thick hair and pulling back, Mayden can almost hear her victim's spine crack under the strain. Stomps and more vicious belly punches rain down on the weakened and abused Miko, stretched and near unconsciousness.


Poor Miko, she's taken a lot of brutal punishment by Mayden, she's barely responsive to the horrific punches and kicks delivered by Mayden as she sets forth to destroy poor petite little Miko as she's now laying unconscious, flat on the mat as Mayden delivers punch after punch after brutal punch to poor Miko.


Totally out from the vicious beat down inflicted on her by Mayden, Miko is pulled up into Mayden's lap and is given the good bye kiss from her attacker, Mayden.

If you're a belly punching or one sided beat down fan, this is yet another excellent video for your collection, as no one can take a beat down to the belly like petite little Miko and keep on ticking (albeit quite a few days later!) Cruel and vicious Mayden loves nothing more than to exercise her brutality on upstart little girls. This is a video you don't want to miss.


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